Political Commentator Rochelle Ritchie Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Body Measurements

Rochelle Ritchie is currently a strategy at the Democratic party. The political analyst is known for her research strategies and sharp communication skills. Before starting working as a political analyst Rochelle used to work as news reported. In her 10 years old career, she has worked for top news companies like KSWO TV, KREM 2, WPTV, WFLX.

She has very deep knowledge in politics, thanks to her decade long career as a reporter and later as a political analyst. The decision of turning her career from journalism to politics was a very sharp move and she proved to be a very good analyst of African- American persuasion.

She actively participates in debates shows and she is very good at sharing her views on any topic. She has appeared on top news networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, and Fox News Channel.

She has nationality of both Africa and America. Her higher education has been completed from Western Kentucky University where she pursued Bachelors of Arts in Broadcasting News where she had a very successful career later. She was known for maintaining good grades.

Rochelle Ritchie Age and Family Details

Rochelle is 37 years old, born on 5th February 1982. She is not the only child and has a baby brother who is 22 years old. They have a very huge age difference of 15 years! Her brother graduated from the University of Miami in May 2019. She has been spotted with her parents on several occasions but there are not many pictures of them on her social media account. Another interesting fact about her is that she shares her birthday with famous football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar J.R.

Rochelle Ritchie Body Measurements

The 37-year-old political analyst has a height of five feet and eight inches (1.59m). The height matches her body physics and compliments her looks and appearance. She had a successful reporting career of about a decade, thanks to her height she never faced any problem as reporting is all about appearances. In a debate show she also received compliments for her good body physique.

Rochelle Ritchie Husband And Dating History

Rochelle was in a healthy relationship between the year 2015 and early-2017. The couple were spotted in public numerous times and she also posted pictures with her boyfriend on twitter however the name of her boyfriend never came out. Likewise, the pair even celebrated Rochelle’s birthday weekend together in Atlanta and captured few cozy shots together.

But something happened in the year 2017 and no more pictures were seen anywhere hinting towards the split of the political analyst and her anonyms love mate.

It seems like Rochelle is now focused on making a successful career and is giving herself a break though or her having a secret relationship is a strong possibility as Rochelle is very good at keeping her private life hidden.

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