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Plus Size Model Barbie Ferreira Net Worth, Bio, Parents, Ethnicity, Body Measurements, Social Media Presence, Dating Secretly?

Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira was a chubby kid and had body image issues like many other children like her. She was demoralized to find not a single model or actress of her size on magazines or TV shows. However, she often made Tumblr videos and pretended to be a model. Probably her introvert nature forced her to do this. One day she took some pictures of herself and sent them to American Apparel. Although this was done impulsively, the high-school girl got the opportunity to work with the brand. This boosted her confidence. An unedited picture of Barbie featuring American Apparel’s lingerie line, Aerie became viral in 2015.

She went on to become a plus-size model. She is also an advocate of body positivity. Barbie Ferreira also featured in an edition of Seventeen magazine taking a stand against fat-shaming. She also hosted a Vice video series named How to Behave focused on self-care. The project later won the Webby Award.

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Barbie Ferreria Net Worth, Social Media Presence And Body Measurements

Barbie got the opportunity to play the coveted role of Katherine “Kat” in the HBO series, Euphoria. Her character has already grabbed the attention of viewers even though she is new to the field of acting. She was also part of projects like Divorce and New York Minute.

Barbie’s net worth is increasing just like her stature in Hollywood. Her earning is $50,110 per year as an actress. As a plus size model her annual income averages around $49,044. She is quite active in social media and her Instagram account has more than 400K followers. This also earns her a good amount of money via brand deals. Barbie Ferreira is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73m) and weighs 98kgs.

Barbie Ferreira Bio: Parents And Ethnicity

Her full name is Barbara Linhares Ferreira and she was the child of a single mother. She doesn’t have any siblings. Barbie is very close to her mother as she is her only parent. Many times, she has spoken about her mother’s positive impact on her life. Her mother used to cry twice as much as Barbie did when she was called names. She would always console her by saying she was beautiful. This was revealed by Barbie herself while talking to Time in 2016.

Initially, Barbie came across harsh criticisms and her mother wanted her to quit modeling. However, both of them get used to the modeling world and its vices. Barbie’s mother has a South American lineage. For the same reason, Barbie has a Latin ethnicity.

Barbie Ferreira Dating Secretly?

Barbie has always kept her personal life a secret. She has never shared any information on her boyfriend. However, she mentioned a boyfriend while talking to Wild Magazine in 2015. But, she didn’t reveal any name and she has not talked about him ever since. So as on date, we don’t know anything certain about her relationship status. In 2016 she talked to Papermag about her crush, Usher. She also revealed how she used to have all the posters of Usher, known for his work Confessions.

Quick Facts About Barbie Ferreira

Full Name Barbie Ferreira
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Single
Weight 98 kg
Date of Birth December 14,1996
Age 22 years