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Peyton Alex Smith Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Peyton Smith is an American rising actor and a rapper best known for his roles as Rafael Waithe in the Legacies and as Cedric Hobbs in the TV series The Quad. Like many other upcoming entertainers out there, he is big on social media with Twitter followers of not less than 7K. His fan base is growing every day and most people are so much interested in his personal affairs.

Well, we present to you an opportunity to explore Alex’s personal life and discover facts that you never knew about him.

Payton Smith Bio: Age, Early Life, Family

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, on June 18, 1994, Smith respects his family privacy and rarely talks about them. However, we can tell that he really loves and cherishes his mum due to the fact that he takes to social media to post her photos on every special occasion.

Peyton Alex Smith Dating History And Marriage Details

In his middle twenties, Smith still has a long stretch of life and will find the right person to settle down with. Currently, it is not clear who he is dating, and hasn’t mentioned any special significance in his life. With that, we can only assume a secret love affair.

Peyton Alex Smith Education Details

Peyton Smith has a strong educational background. He once attended Florida A&M University for his bachelor’s degree, but the actor only stayed in the compound for a semester. The reason for his drop out and the course that he went to pursue isn’t clear.

Peyton Smith Body Measurements

Peyton’s body physique and weight are expected to change. As of now, no information on his height and other body measurements. We will update everything once they are out.

Peyton Smith Career Details

Smith started his career as a professional rap artist back in 2003, during which he developed a passion for acting. He would later go without landing an acting role until 2008 when he landed his first role as the older version of Dante in the TV series Mad Money in 2008. Another role as opposing linebacker in the series Longshot followed in the same year.

As a fresher in the industry, he was only trusted with minor roles in the above-mentioned series. Later, he would go without any acting role until the end of 2014. In 2015, he appeared in the TV series Carter high, followed shortly by a part in the series Luke Cage in the following year.

From there, things finally started working as he would nail regular roles yearly. In 2017, he landed his major roles as Lee, in Detroit which was shortly followed by another TV series Teles. In the same year, he secured what would be one of his most popular roles as Cedric Hobbs in the TV series The Quad that ran from 2017 through 2018.

However, his biggest and most popular breakthrough came when he landed the role of Rafael Waithe in the series Legacies and appeared in several episodes through 2020.

His iconic fight with Danielle in the series started the whole love triangle. In an interview, he revealed that they had practiced the sexy fight with Danielle for a couple of days. Smith acknowledged Danielle’s personality both on and off the screen and admitted, they are excellent friends and are comfortable with each other.

However, Smith is not done with songwriting just yet. He approached a songwriting like a storyteller with a goal to create unique country music generated from different styles from 19190s country music to classic rock to the new Orleans. With that, he hopes to bring new audiences to country music.

Peyton Alex Smith Net Worth

The primary income for the young star is TV series and film. However, he started asa song writer and a rapper which he still does to date. Any other source of income for this rising star is not yet revealed.

Peyton Alex Smith Salary Details

The average salary for an actor is $50K per year. Even though Smith has not revealed his income, we can use that to estimate his Net Worth. Being a new figure in the acting industry, he hasn’t earned many awards to boost his net worth so it is entirely generated from his salary. More updates will come to you as soon as they are out.