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Pentatonix Net Worth 2021: How Much Money Does Pentatonix Have?

Experienced a great deal of success in the world of acapella music, it is interesting for everybody to know about Pentatonix. Their pop-style music arrangements with beatboxing, percussion, riffing and vocal harmonies make the group which consists of vocalists, Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, and Kevin Olusola, unique. The group that produces amazing vocal harmony is more famous for its top-selling Christmas album.

Formed in 2011, the inspiring success of the group started after they won the third season of NBC’s reality show The Sing-Off and a $200,000 recording contract with Sony Music. Later they formed their YouTube channel which becomes the 13th most-subscribed music video channel with 14 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views. Their video tribute Daft Punk has been viewed more than 250 million times. This music group became a sensation with its unique style, sound, and rhythm. Their explosive performances and exceptional song selections opened a path to success. They released their first official studio album EPPTX, Volume 1 in 2012 which was followed by the release of PTX. Interestingly, their PTX, Vol. II was debuted at No.1 on Billboard‘s Independent Albums chart and number 10 on the Billboard 200 in 2013. They signed a “flagship” label of Sony Music Entertainment and released their EPPTX, Vol. III and PTX, Vols. 1 & 2 across Europe in 2014. That’s Christmas to Me is their album-length holiday collection released worldwide in 2014 which certified gold, platinum and double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It was the best-selling album in the United States in 2014.

An amazing music group with the credit of bringing the commercial success of a capella music single-handedly, Pentatonix has won three Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or a Capella in both the year 2015 & 2016. They also won Best County Duo or Group Performance for “Jolene” with Dolly Parton in 2017.

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List of Pentatonix’s Hit Songs

Here is the list of top 10 songs of Pentatonix:

  1. Mary, did you know?
  2. Little Drummer Boy
  3. Radioactive
  4. Hallelujah
  5. Daft Punk
  6. Carol of the Bells
  7. Jolene
  8. Cheerleader
  9. Say Something
  10. Can’t sleep, love

Pentatonix Net Worth

The renowned a capella group that has been tasting meteoric success for the last few years gained fame after winning the third season of the NBC TV singing competition show, The Sing-Off. Their net worth is mainly linked to albums, songs, music tours, discography, and other performances. The net worth of this music group is 60 million USD which also includes $300,000 earnings by sponsors. See the list of the top ten songs Pentatonix: Mary, did you know? Little Drummer Boy, Radioactive, Hallelujah, Daft Punk, Carol of the Bells, Jolene, CheerleaderSay Something and Can?t sleep, love.

Income From Discography

Albums Names                 Income
Pentatonix Deluxe Edition $1,500,000
Pentatonix $1,200,000
That’s Christmas to Me Deluxe Edition $1,000,000
That’s Christmas to Me $857,143
PTX, Vol. III $666,667
PTX, Vol. II $545,455
PTXmas $428,571
PTX, Volume 1 $333,333
PTXmas Deluxe Edition $300,000
Other $240,000
Total Income: $7,071,169

Earnings  Per Year

Years Earnings
2011 $3,243,243
2012 $3,636,363
2013 $4,285,714
2014 $5,217,392
2015 $5,500,000
2016 $6,000,000

Quick Facts About Pentatonix Group

Member Names Avi KaplanScott Hoying

Kirstin Maldonado

Kevin Olusola

Mitch Grassi

Birth dates Kirstin Kirstie Maldonado (May 16, 1992)Mitchell Mitch Grassi (July 24, 1992)

Scott Hoying (September 17, 1991)

Born place Arlington, Texas US
Popularity Songwriter, Singer
Pentatonix net worth: $6,000,000
Per year income: $750,000
Earnings by sponsors: $300,000