Pentatonix Member Avi Kaplan Net Worth, Career, Family, Dating, Girlfriend, Parents,

Avi Kaplan is a world famous singer who is known for his bass voice. Almost everyone swoons over the way he sings! He got his name and fame by being a member of the cappella group, ‘Pentatonix’. Let’s have a look at the life of this wonderful celebrity.

Avi Kaplan Family, Parents, Siblings

Avriel Benjamin, popularly known as “Avi” Kaplan was born on 17th of April, 1989 in Visalia, California. Being the first son of Shelly and Michael Kaplon, he was brought up in the same place along with his brother, Joshua and sister, Esther. Her sister later became the tour manager of Pentatonix as well.

He often visited a nearby national park being so fascinated with folk music. Many popular singers inspired him. Opportunities came along the way and door of music opened eventually for him.

Avi Kaplan Career Details

Kaplan was a born Capella Artist and used to perform in operas and jazz. Later he joined Pentatonix in 2011 and went on to win the third season of ‘The Sing-Off’ with them. He was vocal bass of the group who used to sing many lead parts as well.

With Avi as the bass singer, Pentatonix won three Grammy awards in popular categories. Later, in April, 2017, Kaplan released his first ever song as a solo artist, ‘Fields and Pier’ under the name, ’Avriel & Sequoios’. After that, he premiered some other solos which were ‘Otherside’, ‘The Summit’ and ‘Aberdeen’.

Sadly, in May month of the same year, he decided to leave Pentatonix since he was keen on spending more time with his friends and family.

Nevertheless the slope of his career saw another high when we started the journey of his tours and live shows. His first solo live show was successfully held at the basement in Nashville, TN. Total 5 shows were held over 3 weeks along with many famous guitarists and vocalists.

The tours of Kaplan continued in July and August as well taking him to California, New York and Texas. One of the major awards he won was the ICCA award in the category of “Best Rhythm Section” for his performance with Fermata Nowhere.

Avi Kaplan Dating History

Avi always preferred keeping his life as private as he could. However there was news of him being in a relation with co-band member, Kristie Maldonado. But they parted ways after he left the band.
After that, there was no information about his relationship.

Avi Kaplan Net Worth And Career

Avi Kaplan is undoubtedly one of the richest and popular celebrities. As calculated by Forbes, the net worth of this famous personality is approx. $8 Million. With the hard earned earnings, he is often seen living a lavish lifestyle.

Quick Facts About Avi Kaplan

Born: 17th April, 1989
Siblings: Two Twins
Other Names: Avriel & the Sequoias
Occupation: Singer, Guitarist and Song Writer
Industry: Music
Genre: A cappella, pop, folk
Associated with: Pentatonix (From 2011 to May 2017)
Relationship Status: Unknown
Net worth: $8 Million


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