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Patti LaBelle Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The popular Grandmother of soul music singer at age 70 plus is still kin on finding love and she is so proud to say it. She said,

I still have time to find a husband, I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a husband

Could this be true?

News has it that she said,

I have a wonderful life. My life is so good that a lot of men admire me

The two times Grammy winner who has more than 50 years career is believed to be dating her drummer ERIC SEATS who is about 30 years younger than she is.

She tried to keep it quiet but everyone around noticed and she completely happy with him being around her with his youthfulness and vigor. This reminds her of her youthfulness and desires to have more experience of it.

Patti LaBelle Dating History

They met when she hired him to be her drummer more than half a decade ago and as they began to do things together feelings started setting in and she fell in love the young prince charming.

It was also noticed that Eric was helping Belle to heal during the process of her heart break and he was always there for her.

He made her feel at ease and she was comfortable around him coupled with his vast experience in the music business.

As dedicated as he is he moved with her across country and this even made her appreciate him the more and the love grew stronger.

She also has a portrait of the both of them in her bed room. They met when the 76-year-old had hired him to be her drummer more than half a decade ago.

It wasn’t long before he was helping her heal her broken heart

The source revealed.

He made her feel at ease and she loved that he had such a vast experience working in the music business

Belle stated some of her experiences in her relationship. We all have our share of bad relationships but for me I had to end it.

Well if you didn’t know, Patti Labelle was once married to a man by the name of Armistead Edwards. Iin the year 1969 at the justice of the peace, Patti and Armstead had a small “cute wedding” with beer and hard-shell crabs. Four years later they gave birth to their son, Zuri. For 32 years, Patti and Armstead were married. While most married couples fight, Patti and Armstead never fought. Their marriage was rare.

They were best friends who loved each other as they never argued. However, despite their perfect marriage, Patti decided that it was best that they split ways.

In an interview Patti said;

I never hated him. He never hated me. We just couldn’t live together anymore not because of physical fights or anything. We never fought

Patti LaBelle Career Details

Patti LaBelle is considered the queen of rock and soul music. Her songs, such as Lady Marmalade and New Attitude, are well-known hits and have even been covered by Christina Aguilera.

The singer was honored with several Grammy titles and got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Apart from her music career – which spans more than 40 years -, she has also tried her hands in cooking. The songstress released cookbooks namely Recipes for the Good Life and LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About.

Patti LaBelle Marriage Details With Kids

The classical singer was married to her producer and manager, Armstead Edwards. It all started after their professional relationship took a personal turn as they fell for one another.

Their marriage resulted in the birth of son Zuri Key Edwards in 1973. Furthermore, the pair also took upon the responsibility to look after Patti’s late sister Jacqueline’s children, son and daughter. She even adopted two children named Dodd and Stanley from a foster care home.

Patti LaBelle Divorce And New Love

Unfortunately, in 2000, Patti and husband Armstead got divorced amicably after realizing they didn’t want to grow old together. Even after going their separate way, the formerly married pair remain good friends. The ex-couple celebrated Armstead’s birthday together on May 2019, along with their grandkids.

Patti LaBelle Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million