Les Miles : Net Worth, Age, Biography Updates 2019!

Les has been an outstanding man regarding what he has successfully done in the world of football. He has been able t lead by example both at home and during his coaching role which he has been for over 3 decades. He is highly recognized for his achievements which include winning lots of champions as a coach and also having a well happy family consisting of four kids and a wife. He was able to lead the LSU from the year 2005 to 2016. As a result, he has immersed a great value of net worth estimated at millions of dollars. We will get to know more about the celebrated idol in this article.

Les Miles Age, Birthdate, Nick Name, Wiki-Bio.

He was born on 10th November 1953 in Elyria, Ohio. Martha Miles and Bubba Miles are his parents. He also has a sister; Anne Hope Browne and two brothers; Mark Miles and Eric Miles. His parents are involved in other tasks which include homemaker profession for her mother while his father Is a broker dealing with the long-haul trucks.

Miles belongs to the white ethnicity and American by nationality. He currently has a job of a full-time head coach of the University of Kansas. The two happily married couple was blessed with four children; two sons and two daughters. Mathew Miles and Benjamin Miles are their sons while Kathryn Miles and Grace Miles are their daughters.

Les Miles is married to Wife Kathy Miles, Coach at the University of Michigan

Les is a man deemed as one who perfectly knows how to balance his family and professional duties as a coach. She has a wife called Kathy Miles who has been with him from the year 1993. The duo is blessed with a total of 4 children. The family- led by Miles are fully devoted “Strong Christian”. He has respect for the church as well as his professional job.

Leslie Mathew and Benjamin Miles are his two sons while his daughters are Kathryn Miles and Grace Miles. The family has lived happily together following the good picture set by the parents who serve as perfect role models, even with the fact that Les experiences work challenges due to lots of pressures surrounding his coaching role.

At the University of Michigan, where Kathy was the women’s basketball assistant coach, is where the duo met. It is the same University that Les Miles got a job as an assistant coach to the football team.

In 1993, they got engaged. This was after dating for a period of 5 years. Before landing into the Michigan basketball team as a team coach, Kathy was once a basketball player for the same University where she began her career.

Les Miles Net worth, Salary.

In this section, Les Miles’ details on his house where he stays, career information details, his sources of income, net worth, the cars he drives, his salary and many more will be discussed.

Beginning with his net worth, he has a total of value estimated at $13 million, as of 2019. The annual salary that he receives is approximately $2.76 million. He is although said to have received a total of $4 million among other bonus remunerations courtesy of LSU in the year 2016. The remunerations are said to have been a figure around $100,000. His main source of income as salary is his coaching role at the University Of Kansas among other sources. His total assets, earnings, and properties are due to his participation at the LSU, which majorly constitutes of the above shares. In addition, the star did own a mansion that cost a total of $1.8 million in value at the Baton Rouge. It covered an area of 5,600 square meters. he did own the mansion till 2016, the year LSU deprived him of his role. At $1.3 million, he managed to purchase a house in Willow Grove, where he currently lives in the small house.

Coaching History Team Years
Head Coach LSU Tigers 2005-Present
Head Coach Oklahoma State Cowboys 2001-2004
Tight Ends Coach Dallas Cowboys 1998-2000
Offensive Coordinator Oklahoma State 1995-1997
Offensive Line Coach Michigan Wolverines 1987-1994
Offensive Line Coach Colorado Buffalos 1982-1986
Graduate Assistant Michigan Wolverines 1980-1981

Reports have shown that the former coach owns an Audi A6 motor valued at $54,000. It all started in 1980 when Miles worked as an assistant coach to Bo Schembechler at the University Of Michigan. Later on, his services as a coach were received by many Universities including Louisiana State University that had longer contract with him. His many ‘achievements began when he joined the LSU and actively motivated the team. His milestone contribution towards winning against Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Arizona State with his LSU team was a great record he is recognized for.

The LSU did top the table spot twice under his coaching role, in 2007. This same year, he managed to get an unbeaten run after not loosing to any of the team in that league but instead winning against all of them. Among other achievements was his Game Wins against BCS National Championship as well as SEC Championship.

In 2016, he was fired by the management team of the LSU. This didn’t end his career, but instead, he landed on a 5-year contract with the University of Kansas in November 2018; a contract valued at $13.8 million.


A short Summary of the legendary football coach is as follows; His date of birth is 10th November 1953 and therefore 65 years old. His net worth is estimated at $13 million and is happily married to his wife Kathy Miles. They are blessed with 2 daughters; Grace and Kathryn Miles and also two sons; Mathew and Benjamin Miles. He is a full-time head coach by profession at the University Of Kansas. His father’s name is Bubba Miles and Martha Miles is his mother. He is American by nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.

Jim Harbaugh bio, married, affair, salary, net worth, children, career

Jim Harbaugh has been an outstanding football throughout his career as witnessed in his team, Michigan Wolverines. He has led the team for the fourth year in a row and there is no backing down. We will get to take a look at what’s the reason behind his winnings, his value in terms of net worth. His personal details are also discussed below. Stay tuned.

Jim Harbaugh wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, who he married after a divorce of Miah

As echoed, he has been in marriage life two times. Miah was his first wife who she married back in 1996. They did live not as expected and as a result, the duo decided to quit the relationship after they had a divorce 10 years later. During their time together, they were blessed with three children namely Grace, James, and Jay, all of whom she has since stayed with.

One of the kids, Jay, is now the tight end head coach for the Michigan University after he graduated from Oregon State University. Elsewhere, James, her other son is now working in a theatre after he made it clear that he was gay.

In 2008, Joseph married this current wife, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh; a wedding which happened after two years of dating. While Sarah was holding a real estate business at the Las Vegas PF Chang, it was at the parking that Joseph met Sarah as he was in a coaches meeting. Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh have been blessed by a total of 4 children namely Jack, John, Katherine, and Addison. Named after his grandfather, is his son, John.

Jim Harbaugh Salary and Net Worth

He has a net worth value approximated at $15 million. He earns a total of $5 million annually, a figure that is way high comparing how much head coaches are paid to lead the University, football teams.

It is estimated that the other coaches earn lesser values compared to his. He did not only play for the NFL but also does a full-time coaching job that earns him that amount. As a quarterback, he played in 1994 for the Indianapolis team, a team he joined after shifting from Chicago Bears in 1987 where he started his football career.

Before he became a coach, he also played for Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens.
He has since made an appearance in TV shows such as The Adventure of Brisco County and Saved by The Bell as well as Jr. apart from being a full-time coach, he also owns the Panther Racing in the Indy Car Series.

Houses, cars in Jim Harbaugh’s $ 15 Million Net Worth.

His passion for power is also another trait he possesses besides his successes. This is evident in the muscle cars that he tries to showcase stressing how much power it has and has no regrets on telling the world more about it.

Just before they rented the beach house in Coronado Beach based in California, it was the place he used to pack his car. The leasing value for the house is said to be approximately $4 million and above and is based on a 4650 square inch land. The current rental income ranges from $15,000 to $35,000.

The property details are as follows; it contains an English kitchen, a play area for may well sit the kids for their play time, a living room as well as 3.5 bathrooms together with a total of 6 beds. Interestingly, it has a good view front of the beach and very lovely internal décor which is one of a kind. The house has been his home but he currently stays in Ann Arbor.

Jim Harbaugh bio

Summary details about James Joseph Harbaugh are that he is 55 years old, his date of birth being 23rd December 1963 and therefore boasts of the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. He was born in Toledo, Ohio. He is a head coach by profession and a former NFL player by profession. His net worth is valued at $15 million. His wife’s name is Sarah Feuerborn, and as a total, he has 7 kids.

He stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches and weighs a total of 215 lbs. His childhood development is mainly credit to his mother, Jacqueline M. together with his father called Jack. Jack is a dedicated assistant head coach for the Perrysburg High School. As noticed, the entire family has a name for every kid that begins with a J. In fact, his coaching role has brought Joseph together with his siblings, John and Joanie, his sister.

Joseph did change from school to school during his early childhood development. This was as a result of frequent relocations. Before graduating at Palo Alto High School, he did attend Ann Arbor and Tappan Junior High and later to Pioneer High before settling at Palo Alto High School. His brother John, who he has met twice in competitions, is a coach at Baltimore Ravens. They faced off in Super Bowl Spectacle on 3r February 2013 and earlier on during a match in 2011.

Born Name James Joseph Harbaugh
Birth Place Toledo, Ohio, United States
Height 6 feet 3 inch
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Football coach
Wife Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
Net Worth $15 million
Weight 97 kg
Age 54 years
Sibling John Harbaugh and Joani Harbaugh
Parents Jack Harbaugh, Jacqueline M Harbaugh

Bill Kaulitz Bio, Gay, Affair, Career, Music And Net Worth

Bill is one of the greatest German songwriters. His major writing is of the Tokio Hotel, a top recognized band. He has a humble lifestyle and frequently quoted by TV Network ProSieben as the “Most Annoying German.”

Among the shows he has acted include Guitar Hero World Tour, the Invisibles as well as Arthur and Prom Night.

Short Biography, Height

1st October 1989 is the day Bill Kaulitz-Trmper was born. Tom Kaulitz is his twin brother to whom they were born together with, though he arrived 10 minutes later after his brother had been delivered.

Simone Kaulitz and Jorg Kaulitz are his mother and father respectively; making them a total of for in the family. He is a German native. However, at the age of 2, his parents decided to live separately and divorced. His mother in the event got into another affair with Gordon Trumper to whom they are married.

He stands at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches, equivalent to 1.92 meters, complementing his body status with his handsomeness.

Low-Key Dating; Straight Or Gay?

He has been superficially attractive to millions of females all over the world. his fans have always been so curious on his way of life, especially his personal life. He has since been able not to share his private affairs away from the media and public.

It was a storm on the internet when it was rumored that Natalie Franz had a relationship in December 2008. The artist, Franz, is from Ukraine and does hair and makeup business. The duo, however, never made it clear that indeed they had an affair.

Her rumored affair with Natalie was just a few of many speculations. Kim Paradise, a German model and also Rach L., who is a Dutch vocalist are among other celebrities who he was linked with, as rumored earlier that year.

As a result of too much silence in matters concerning his dating personal life, his fans have begun to wonder if he is gay, now that he has kept them in the dark for over 10 years. The gay rumors, however, are seen not to be far from the truth. At one time when his band was to perform at the Viper Room, he stated that,

“Love Is Not About Gender.”

On the other end, his twin brother- Tom, is dissimilar.

He has been able to let everyone know about his relationship status. He had a wife called Ria Sommerfeld, who she married in 2011. In April 2016, the duo divorced. In 2018, Tom again married Heidi Klum, which has lasted till date. Before they met, Vito Schnabel was Heidi’s partner.

Rockstar Career, Music And Net worth

Her career journey into fame wasn’t that really as smooth as one may think. They had a band called Devilish, a band that he started performing at the age of 10 together with his brother Tom. Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer, later on, joined the twins.

Before changing their title to “Tokio Hote,” their fame rise was in 2015 when they got a contract with Interscope Records. In the first month of its release, their first album Schrei(Scream), got to top the charts in 2015.

They have since been popularly recognized all over the world, having begun the journey in 2001. As a result of his hard work and determination, $30 million is the value Bill has accumulated as his net worth

Michael Cooke Kendrick Sister, Mother, Career, Wife “Badass”, Body Measurements, Net Worth

Michael has been a Hollywood member for quite a while now. Just as her brother, his sister is popularly recognized for her spotlight in acting scenes. He is seen as a good promising talent after his participation in Celebrity Close Calls, Echo, and Celebrity Ghost Stories show. He is a determined and highly motivated individual seeking to become a great figure in the industry.

“Badass” Wife And Former Girlfriends

It may be as a prank to many, but the uprising star is already married. His wife is seen as the kingpin in the marriage of the two, the same way Anna overtakes her in terms of his career duty as an actor. His wife’s name is Liza Kendrick. The details about their meet up, dating life and even wedding have always been in the dark as the two haven’t been able to share more to the public concerning their affair. She is always taken as a crazy girlfriend instead of a caring one as expected. Often, Michael refers to Anna as a “badass” and therefore deemed as an enthusiastic wife. Their unsettling way of life has always been mysterious, not being able to put into an explanation.

Just as echoed, their past relationship with each other, the duo has never come out clear on how they did come to be together. This is the same case for Michael as there is no clear information regarding her romantic life earlier with other girlfriends.

Michael Cooke Kendrick Family, Body Measurements, Net Worth

By profession, his father is a teacher of history and his mother is an accountant; making Michael seem like a more successful man which, in the real sense- he is is not the only well off individual in the family.

Anna Kendrick, who is his younger sister, got an Oscar nomination one time for an acting role in Up in the Air movie of 2009 for her role as Natalie. At the age of just 12, she did get honored and recognized as the third youngest child actress ever with a nomination for the Tony Award

She weighs 48 Kgs and maintains a lovely body. Her role has also been captured in shows like Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, Into the Woods, Twilight, The Accountant, just to mention a few. Even though she already gained a total of $14 million in terms of net worth. It is anticipated that the value will eventually rise higher with time.

Michael Cooke Kendrick Bio: Age, Career

His native home in Portland, Maine; he is 36 years old. It was his first time in 2000 in the acting scene when he featured in the Echo drama movie together with Assante Armand.

He has since been involved more on the TV than in the acting scene, which he only participated in one film. Among the shows that he featured are Celebrity Close Calls and Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Quick Facts About Michael Cooke Kendrick

BIRTHDAY 2 March, 1983
BIRTH PLACE Portland , Maine
COUNTRY United States
AGE (in 2019) 36 Years Old
HEIGHT in centimeters- 175 cm
in meters- 1.75 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 8”
WEIGHT in Kilograms- 70 kg
in Pounds- 154.32 lbs

Grace Chatto Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, and Her TV Shows

Clean Bandit, is one of the famous electric music group that she is a founding member. The brand has not only got to collaborate in the music industry with Sean Paul and Demi Lavato but also with other artists such as Luis Fonsi, Ellie Goulding, Anne Marie, Zara Larsson among other artists.

Music and TV Shows

Back in London, she began as a cello in a school before she eventually settled on a music career. Her shifting to music was brought about by a complain filed by one of the student’s parents who noticed her in a video shoot called Mozart’s House and featured on inner wears only, and only covered her private parts using a violin. As a result, the school let her go.  It was one of the best move made. In 2008, her brothers Luke and Jack Patterson together with her friends from her University formed the band group, Clean Bandit – which means Complete bastard in Russian.

In 2012, they released their first ever album titled New Eyes. “Rather Be,” got them to top the UK’s chart list in January 2014. She is also recognized as an actor, apart from being a singer. In 1998, she played a role in the Hilary and Jackie as Teena. She also did the show with Rachel Griffiths and Emily Watson.  The band is popularly recognized all over. Their fans love their dance music combined with the classical style. Grace, who is among the founders of the band has a net worth close to the figure of the entire band of $10 million.

Biography and Measurements

Grace Elizabeth Chatto’s date of birth is on 10th December 1985. Her place of birth is London, England.
Though little is known concerning her family, it is believed that her father is a musician as well. In addition, it is reported that her only sibling is a sister.

At the age of 33 years old, she weighs a total of 54 Kgs and stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches, which is equivalent to 1.68 meters.  At her childhood, she went to the Westminster School, where she enrolled after studying at the Latymer School for a while. She is a holder of a degree in Russian Literature, Language and History from the University of Cambridge, graduating from Jesus College.

Who is Grace Chatto Dating

Grace once posted an Instagram photo of herself in wedding apparel, and this made her followers all over to question themselves if the star did actually perform a secret wedding that they were not aware of.

It came out in the end that she actually did not wed literally but just had the gown for a video shoot for her music called Baby, which she had collaborated with Luis Fonsi. Her fans, however, had asked themselves lots of questions in anxiety to know everything concerning her dating life and relationship status.

It was circulated in 2008 that the star was actually dating Jack Patterson, her group’s drummer, who he met while studying at the University of Cambridge, Jesus College.

The duo didn’t really share many insights regarding their relationship and kept it a secret. The news of the two ending their relationship stormed the internet in November 2016. The electric drummer started having an affair with Marina Diamandis, a pop singer. The relationship did not last and the duo also parted ways.  She is currently not in any relationship with anyone.

Ian Thorpe Gay, Partner, Net Worth, Family and Career Successes

Throughout his career, Ian did achieve major milestones and even won a total of nine medals. He began his swimming career at a young age of 14 when he won the 1988- 400 meters freestyle Olympic hosted in Perth. The Australian government went ahead and recognized his hard work and determination and awarding him a title of “Young Australian of the year” in 2000.

Ian Thorpe Net Worth

He has an accumulated net worth of $2 million dollars which he has been greatly spending. He did purchase in 2018 a property worth a total of $2.75 million in the Sydney suburbs.

Ian Thorpe  Body Measurements

The swimmer stands at a height measurement recorded at 6 feet and 5 inches, which is quoted to be equivalent to 1.96 meters and weighs 86 Kgs. His feet, moreover, is of size 17.

Ian Thorpe Gay, Dating Ryan Channing?

In an interview conducted over the interview in 2012, the retired swimmer accepted that he was indeed gay. This was after he quashed the rumors that went on earlier of him being associated as gay.  His main reason for delaying to accept that he is actually gay as his privacy concerns were the way the gay sportsmen were handled and deemed as a taboo.

From the 16th age, Ian was already gay and did struggle with the fact that he was actually gay and hiding it in the dark just for his swimming career not to be squandered. This is evident as he was severally involved in drinking a lot and going through a lot of depression, all because of his gay sexuality.

Ryan Channing, who is his boyfriend and also a model and an Australian entrepreneur, lives with him together happily even after undergoing such mental trauma.  An adoption plan for a baby has been in course by the duo via Surrogacy in Los Angeles.

Ian Thorpe Bio: Birthdate, Age, Family Details And Career

13th October 1982 is the date Ian James Thorpe was brought into this world. He was born in Sydney, Australia. His family is greatly gifted in sporting activities. For instance, his sister is also a swimmer and Ken, his father, is a professional cricket player. On the other end, his mother is a teacher. His sister usually got involved in swimming competitions and having watched her for a while, he got fed up. This was the time he began his swimming training; though he had issues with chlorine allergies in water which he managed to control. As a result of her determination, he managed to gain entry into the Australian Men’s swimming team.

He did deliver in major tournaments for his country as expected. Not only was he recognized by the whole swimming fraternity in the world as a swimmer in 2003, for 4 times, he did also win 11 World Championship titles and also grabbing 9 Olympic medals.

As a return to society, she began to mentor young upcoming talents. Kyle Chalmers who won the 2016 freestyle championship is one of the greatly mentored athletes by him.

Quick Facts About Ian Thorpe

Date of Birth: 1982, October 13
Age: 36 years old
Birth Nation: Australia
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inch
Birth Sign:: libra
Birth Name Ian James Thorpe
Famous Name Ian Thorpe
Father Ken Thorpe
Mother Margaret Thorpe
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Birth Place Sydney
Net Worth $2 million
Weight in KG 104 kg
Affair with Ricky Martin
Boyfriend Ricky Martin

Katia Langenheim Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Daughter, Ruby Rose

By profession, she is an artist and does painting as well. She has since been recognized in Melbourne courtesy of her arts. She has a daughter of Orange is the New Black alum, Ruby Rose, a personality to which the two are seen to have a strong relationship. Most of the times, the duo have frequently been noticed in events across the country.

Ruby- Katia’s Famous Daughter

Ruby was born on 20th March 1986 in Melbourne. In the year 2002, she managed to participate in the Girlfriend Model Search Competition. She got to associate herself with brands such as Honey, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Maybelline and Milk. She was then deemed as an upcoming model.

Her accomplishments didn’t stop at that point, she managed to rise into the fashion fame world when she got linked to New York Inked Magazine cover, Vogue Australia, Maxim, and the InStyle Magazine.

In seeking for the MTV VJ, she drifted to television from her modeling career in the year 2007. In addition, she was honored to host a show in MTV Australia in 2011.

It was her role in the Orange Is The New Black back in 2015 that led to her popularity in Hollywood. This earned her great supporters in the pop culture talk.

She currently possesses a total of $2 million as a net worth despite coming from an unspeakable origin. She has since been involved in Hollywood shows which include Return of Xander Cage, Pitch Perfect 3, xXx, and also John Wick: Chapter 2.

The renounced actress stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, equivalent to 1.70 meters. She is expected to participate in the 2019’s Batwoman, a gay superhero. On 12th May 2019, while on her busy professional schedules, she did a post on social media about her mother during the mother’s day and hailed her for her great job towards her role towards her career development.

Katia Langenheim Bio

It is said that the father to her daughter Ruby was too offensive to her, soon after she delivered her. This led to her life as a young girl not well set up as one might expect.

As a result, she flee away from the unhealthy relationship and settled with Ruby in a caravan. The eventually emerged from her stay at the caravan at the age of 20 and raised single-handedly her little daughter who is a former MTV VJ.

This escape, however, wasn’t the end of the drama for the duo. Ruby was subject to bully at the age of 12 while at school. This was after her fellow classmates realized that she was a lesbian, her sexuality which she had brought to light at the age of 6. Non the less, her mom did support her.

Depression was unavoidable for Ruby as a consequence of excessive bullying and gender identity issues. Strong support from her mother did not end still, even during the time when she was about to commit suicide. As an escape plan, her mother bought her a beachside shack, contemplating that it would help her through.

NBA Kristopher London Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Kristopher upon failing to gain entry into the NBA, he decided to focus on stardom. A path which led him to become an online entertainer. This turned out to be his great move as it worked out as he had anticipated.

He boasts of now becoming not only a comedian but also a YouTuber and a great social media personality. Get to know more details regarding his measurements, personal lifestyle and his biography.

Career: Basketball and YouTube and his Medical issues and Salary

He has a wonderful joyful life, both personally and professionally. He was a good basketballer while at school before he diverted to become a YouTuber. The main reason for him leaving the basketball path was his medical issues.  On 9th October 2012, Kristopher created a YouTube channel called “JustSayItMmokay” at his 19th age; this marked a major milestone in his career.

He mainly discusses issues concerning basketball and does not involve his comedic stuff or even his personal life in the channel. He hosts a total of 2 million subscribers, a number which his channel has entertained for 7 years.

Twitter and Facebook are also his great social media accounts that he gets to interact with his fans. Kristopher’s rise to fame as a star has significantly been effected by his great number of followers. From his advertisement revenues, he gets to pocket up to $200,000 even though he doesn’t really have a real job.

Kristopher’s Biography, Olivia

1993 is the year that the star was born, in London, England. Every 3rd April year in year out, he gets to celebrate his birthday. He hails from several ethnicities including American, Nigerian and British heritage, all brought about by his parents. He weighs 80 Kgs and stands at an incredible height of 6 feet and 10 inches, equivalent to 2.08 meters.

However, there isn’t any news about his parents present in the public at the moment; and for siblings, his sister, Olivia, is the only recognized one.

Is Kristopher London Dating?

Kristopher met his current girlfriend over the internet, via the Twitter platform. He is deemed as one of the ever-present in social media.

Bri Martinez, a YouTuber, used to be contacted by Kristopher as from early 2016. They did fall in love at the end after contact communication between the duo. Towards the end of the year, the two finally met one on one.

5th December marks every year their anniversary date. Kristopher and his girlfriend marked their 2nd anniversary in 2018, an insight he shared over the Instagram platform. Sharing a snap with Bri, he emphasized that she always was her weakness.

It is evident that both of them are having a strong and happy relationship, thanks to their social media accounts. Soon after obtaining her degree from a college in Portland, Bri did move to Los Angeles, a place where the two have been living ever since.

Black Ink’s ”Kat Tat” Katrina Jackson Net Worth, Tattoos, Bio, Family, Personal Life

Since her childhood, Jackson Kat Tat has been much fascinated by arts. Her move into the tattoo industry was facilitated greatly by the broken heart she underwent while in high school. During her study period at the University of Missouri, she began to stress more of her attention towards arts, instead of course work in books- while she was in the process of healing her broken heart. She really didn’t just go to school for herself, but only went to make her father and mother proud. It was until her father decided to support her career in Arts that she dropped in her 3rd grade.

She came into the spotlight after her participation in the tattoo show at 9Mag studio. As a result, in 2015, Black Ink Crew Chicago show entirely consisted of her whole crew.

Personal Life

She has always been subject to careful examination. Once she began her dating life with Phor, a fellow star at the Black Ink Crew Chicago, a lot of her fans got interested in her personal life. The two live birds romance was clearly evident even during their time when filming at the show. Unfortunately, Phor and Katrina did end their relationship.

It didn’t take long until it was said that Katrina had begun involving herself Ryan Henry in 2017. It was a tensed period as, on the other side, another woman called Rachel Leigh was said to have a baby together with Ryan Leigh. However, there was no tangible evidence to show that the duo was dating.

It is now said that Kevin Laroy is the one she is currently dating.  The fans are loving her personal life as she keeps updating her Instagram platform with very lovely pictures of themselves which indicates that they are indeed a stronger duo.

Katrina Jackson Bio and Net Worth

17th May 1991 is the date she was born; in Chicago, Illinois. She has a black father and a white mother and therefore has mixed ethnic origins. James and Kenny are her brothers, all who are older than her.

However, the parents to Katrina are no longer together as they did divorce, even though they still have an indirect relationship. In 2017, during their son’s wedding, both of them were present to commemorate the milestone.

She began her love for the tattoos while still a child; she could even hide in the kitchen while tattooing other people. Her passion landed her to the Black Ink Crew based in Chicago in 2015. Her health concerns then arose after spending three seasons in the show which provided her with fame.

Her hair began to fall out due to excessive drinking of hard drinks and as a consequence, she decided to quit the show. It is in Los Angeles that she settled after moving from her native Chicago city. She then started her tattoo studio with her savings called Enigma Beverley Hills. She was recognized as one of the first black artists to receive the honor of having a tattoo store in Beverly Hills.

Per episode, she did earn a total of $1,500. Her dwelling into entrepreneurship has boosted her net worth through clothing line and art shoes, at her age of 28 years.

Quick Facts

Real Name Katrina Jackson
Birthday 17th May 1991
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Reality TV star, Tattoo artist
Parents Ken Jackson, and Kathleen Edgerton
Dating/Boyfriend Not Disclosed
Married/Husband Not Yet
Sibling 2
Income Under Review
Net Worth est. $200 thousand

Nick Kroll Wife, Girlfriend, Gay, Siblings

He is a man gifted with numerous talents. He is not only a director but also an actor producer voice artist stand-up comedian. In the show, Kroll show, is where he gained the numerous talents as mentioned above due to his writing and acting skills. Just to mention a few, he has been able to entertain his fans allover the world with his shows which include Netflix’s Big Mouth, OH, Hello among other shows.

Who is Nick’s Girlfriend or Wife

Nick hasn’t yet found a good partner in his life, even though he has been a successful man in his professional duty. Back in the year 2013,he had a relationship with Amy Poehler, a fellow comedian. They relationship at the time was so public and flourished the city.

It is remembered that in Mar h 2014, the creative duo went on a quick vacation in Mexico. It was seen aa a serious moment since Abel and Archie – Amy’s sons, were also part of the vacation.

The fans allover even went ahead and hinted that the duo were already married, having turned his girlfriend into a wife. In 2015,it was a storm in the internet when they did end their relationship. The busy schedules of their career was the main reason behind their breaking up. Nick has since been able to date any one else since that incident that led to the break up, not even settling for a wife.

Gay Rumors Romance

It was rumored that Nick had an affair with John Mullaney, a fellow comedian. This was brought about by his working together with John in certain professional pieces which include Oh, Hello.

While having a conversation with a Hello Giggles in 2017, John made it clear about the gay rumors. He emphasized that no romance was going on between him and Nick and that he compared the bond that existed with the family dog to the relationship with Nick.

Siblings and Kroll Inc. Company

He has four siblings in his family, a total of two sons and two daughters as well. The youngest of them all is Nick, who follows the middle child – Vanessa Maral, and then the second oldest – Dana. Jeremy is the oldest sibling.

He comes from a famous family, even though he’s is not know to many people. Kroll Inc., a billion dollar company, belongs to his parents Jules and Lynn who are the founders of the said company. In the year 2004, the company which was established by his father, was sold to Marsh and McLennan family. In return, they received an accumulated income of $1 billion.

In addition, Jules is one of the board members directing the Managed Funds Association due to his hardwork and determination. Non the less, in John Jay college of Criminal Justice Foundation, he serves as a Board President. Apart from being a good service lady at the Georgetown University, his mother has also been involved with Foundation for Jewish Culture in New York’s President in 2000.

It is evident that indeed Jules and Lynn did support their son, not to mention that when he wanted to take a different career joinery not same as theirs. His milestone achievements in the Hollywood is greatly recognized by his parents. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, which is equivalent to 1n75 meters.