Olivia Black Bio, Age Net worth, Married Life, Body Measurements

Let’s talk about Olivia Black, a former reality star on the widely known cast on the television series; Pawn Stars set on the History Channel. Other than Chumlee, Olivia Black is the only member who was also fired. What happened and where is Olivia Black currently? All these questions and Olivia’s’ life shall be unfolded in this article. Do you know that her real name isn’t Olivia? I know you are quite wondering how this is true but do not worry because you are yet to discover more.

Olivia Black Net Worth And Salary

It was during the fifth seasons that had our first encounter with this Pawn Star.

Olivia Black was not only Star in the Television but she was also did modeling, both of these two jobs earned some huge amounts of cash but to be clear the television series brought her approximately $10k as her salary and in total she had about $300k records say that most of her income was generated from modeling career
Olivia Black happens to be a good in modeling which has made her to appear on many comic conventions resulting to the huge money above. Several brands offered her a calendar modeling job and they included; Inked Magazine, Inked girls, Taboo-Tattoo and Dollies& Doggies.

She happened to have produced hardcore club resort and hosted the Las Vegas ASPCA Benefit event. Apart from this she owns an online shop that deals in selling adult toys.

News of Olivia’s termination from the show came as a shock even to her, this happened even without her being given a notice of termination and this made her to fill for a petition which didn’t end as she expected because it lacked 6000 signature mar that was required for consideration.

Sources indicate that the production company had sacked her two days after The National Enquirer leaked intimate photos of her.

This happened because Olivia Black had failed to mention earlier about her association with softcore adult video on an adult website under the alias Belladona. In order for the company to prevent itself from loosing face the contract had to be terminated
After Olivia Black was fired from Pawn star it’s said that his direct boss, Rick Harrison offered her former job off cameras but this didn’t work out because before long she again went and forged a contract with her previous adult website

In 2017 Olivia Black signed another contract with a Canadian adult company. Nowadays she does Q&A’s on her YouTube channel and she engages her fans Live on Instagram. Now by now I think this has answered your question; why was she fired?

Olivia Black Marriage Life

Olivia Black being a Lesbian is widely known to many people because she doesn’t hide this fact to the general public and the media. Olivia Black married Maria Plaza after meeting though the social media during Marias’ birthday

The two seem to share similarities like their passion to adult photography and tattoos. The two also run the online adult shop together and they even placed it under both their names. They both also have a self-titled YouTube channel called, Miss Olivia Black.

The two seem not to be interested by the issue of raising a family Instead, they enjoy all the time they have together by binging on shows or outdoor dates. Maria is a sucker for the old sitcom Friends and Wonder Woman that she has even has a tattoo of her all over her body.

Olivia Black Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Olivia Black was born in the States as Dene Nichole Acero on May 14th, 1986 but she later changed her name to Olivia Black. There isn’t enough information on her for a full Wikipedia page as most of her early life is has been kept secret. However, sources report that she has Hispanic origins and she went to Calvert High School, in Maryland before graduating in 2003.

In general she is hot and she’s’ got the perfect body for modeling.

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