Netflix New Movies And Series Release Dates, Do Not Miss Out On These

Online streaming has become the current trend. People are hooked to their mobile phones while travelling and want to utilize their time. This is all due to streaming platforms that are now available even on your smart televisions. Many such streaming platforms are in the market. However one that has made a name that stream many new releases and also old series and movies online is Netflix.

With Netflix’s huge database of movies, you would want to end up watching only that is worth watching and that is as per your favorite genres. To make things a little easy for you, we have come up with the list of new release and upcoming releases that are sure to make you bite your nails or keep you on your toes as you watch them. We have tries to make an honest effort on it.

The Stranger Things Season 3 – Release Date: 4th July, 2019

The story of the demo-gorgon hunting continues in this season. The kids are now teenagers and they discover various changes in themselves and also in the portal that was closed off in the previous season. The Russians start coming in to the small town and they start experimenting on the closed portal. Continuing with the hunt the kids find a way to kill the demo-gorgon. Nail biting, thrilling and funny scenes even with the danger on is a good mix. You will love to watch this.

In The Tall Grass – Release: 20th Sep 2019

Ever got caught up in a maze? Ever wondered if you will get lost in the tall grasses on the country side? Well now comes the movie out of your imagination. This is story of a brother and sister travelling to a relative and then on one of their pit stop in front of a large field of tall grass get lost in the grasses. I would not want to give up any spoilers. But the story is intriguing and scary. An evil force will starts making them see things and do weird things. Worth a watch if you want to feel the chills.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – Release: 11th Oct 2019

The story is a sequel to the Breaking Bad series. This is the story of Jesse Pinkman after he is on the run from previous end of the series. Pinkman wants to get rid of his pas but his past deed does not let him get past him. With all the fame Breaking Bad series gained, it is worth a watch to see what is in store in the movie for Pinkman.

The Irishman – Release: 27th

This is the crime drama based on real life events of the notorious hustler and hit man Frank Sheeran. This story is setup in the post-World War II in America. The story focuses on the unsolved mystery “The Disappearance of Union Boss – Jimmy Hoffa”. Starring in this movie are Robert De Niro, Al Pachino and Joe Pesci. You would love this movie for its graphics used to hide the age of the characters.

The Crown Season 3 – Release: 17th Nov 2019

The story of Queen Elizabeth II continues in this season in the 60’s era. The story revolves around the economic downfall in the times and the public opposing the royal family. There are political rivalries, romance and drams in this series that will keep you thinking about. You can also start relating few of the historical events as you watch the series.

The Stranded Season 1 – Release: November 14 2019

This is one Sci-fi series which has action, thriller, drama and romance. This is a Thai language series which has been dubbed into English. Pretty sure you are getting some chills as you watch it. The story revolves around teenage school students who are trapped in the island after it is stuck by Tsunami. Mysterious forces in the jungle, keeps you on the edge of your seat. This one I am waiting for watch as it releases on November 14.
We would soon be coming with a fresh list in the coming with more releases on Netflix.

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