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NBC Journalist Matt Lauer Has Been Married Twice. Find Out His Net Worth, Divorce, Sexual Misconduct

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Matt Lauer, or Matthew Todd Lauer, is a former television news anchor. Lauer was the co-host of NBC’s Today show from 1997 to 2017. Matthew has also had the honor of hosting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day from 1998-2017, as well as hosting the opening ceremonies for several Olympic games.

Before his most recent scandal, Matthew was among the most celebrated TV anchors in the world. However, following allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior at the workplace, NBC effectively ended his contract.

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Matt Lauer Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Lauer was born in New York City, New York, in 1957. His father, Jay Robert Lauer, was the executive of a bicycle company, and his mother, Marilyn Lauer, was the owner of a boutique. Lauer’s father was Jewish. However, Lauer himself did not have a religious upbringing.

Matt Lauer Education Details

Lauer is a graduate of Ohio University, completing his degree in 1997. However, he dropped out of the university in 1979 to pursue his career in television.

Matt Lauer Career Details

Some of his earliest work includes working for WOWK-TV. Lauer then worked for several reputable news agencies and magazines on the East coast. He began his stint with NBC in 1992 and would go on to become one of the most significant news anchors in the world. However, it all came crashing down in 2017 after NBC terminated his contract due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Matt Lauer Has Been Married Twice

Lauer has been married twice in his life, with both marriages ending in divorce. His first marriage was to television producer Nancy Alspaugh. The couple got married in 1982 and divorced seven years later in 1989. His first marriage did not bear any children.

Later on, after joining the NBC cast, he would go on to meet Dutch model Annette Roque in 1997. The couple started dating and married after only five months. Their wedding took place in Bridgehampton, New York, on October 3, 1998. The couple has three children together: Two sons Jack (2001) and Thijs (2006) and daughter Romy (2003).

Annette first filed for divorce in 2006 while she was pregnant with their youngest child. She cited mental abuse as a reason for the divorce. However, they reconciled a week later.

Matt Lauer Wives

Throughout his life, Matt Lauer had two high profile marriages. His first wife, Nancy Alspaugh, was also a part of the entertainment industry. Aside from being a TV producer, she was also the author of two books. Furthermore, she was also a magazine executive who was responsible for the format of Westinghouse’s PM magazine. She went on to marry Fox executive H. Read Jackson.

Annette Roque is Matt Lauer’s second wife. She’s a model and equestrian who was born in the Netherlands in 1966. She made her name as a model during the 80s and the 90s. Her profile was high enough to land her a role as a spokesmodel for Revlon. She also modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

Matt Lauer Affairs

In 2017, Lauer’s sexual misconduct came to light. An unnamed NBC employee complained about Lauer. The complaint contained details about how Lauer had harassed her in 2014 at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The employee also alleged that the misconduct had continued after the Olympics as well. After the complaint was reviewed, NBC terminated his contract.

After NBC terminated his contract, Addie Zinone, who is a former production assistant for the Today Show, also made an allegation about Lauer. She claimed that Lauer was the part of a consensual sexual relationship with her.

Recently more news is coming out regarding another affair Lauer had. Reports claim that Lauer was also in a relationship with a notable NBC anchor.

Matt Lauer Divorce And Sexual Misconduct

After the allegations of sexual misconduct for him were made, his wife Annette was quiet. However, she could not keep her silence after rape allegations were made against him later that same year. The divorce was not an entirely smooth process, primarily because of their three children. However, the couple managed to come to an agreement where Lauer could still see the kids.

The couple finalized their divorce in 2019 and are apparently on good terms. They were recently seen making their first public appearance as well. The final divorce proceedings say Lauer will pay a reported $20 million to his wife.