NBA Kristopher London Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Parents

Kristopher upon failing to gain entry into the NBA, he decided to focus on stardom. A path which led him to become an online entertainer. This turned out to be his great move as it worked out as he had anticipated.

He boasts of now becoming not only a comedian but also a YouTuber and a great social media personality. Get to know more details regarding his measurements, personal lifestyle and his biography.

Career: Basketball and YouTube and his Medical issues and Salary

He has a wonderful joyful life, both personally and professionally. He was a good basketballer while at school before he diverted to become a YouTuber. The main reason for him leaving the basketball path was his medical issues.  On 9th October 2012, Kristopher created a YouTube channel called “JustSayItMmokay” at his 19th age; this marked a major milestone in his career.

He mainly discusses issues concerning basketball and does not involve his comedic stuff or even his personal life in the channel. He hosts a total of 2 million subscribers, a number which his channel has entertained for 7 years.

Twitter and Facebook are also his great social media accounts that he gets to interact with his fans. Kristopher’s rise to fame as a star has significantly been effected by his great number of followers. From his advertisement revenues, he gets to pocket up to $200,000 even though he doesn’t really have a real job.

Kristopher’s Biography, Olivia

1993 is the year that the star was born, in London, England. Every 3rd April year in year out, he gets to celebrate his birthday. He hails from several ethnicities including American, Nigerian and British heritage, all brought about by his parents. He weighs 80 Kgs and stands at an incredible height of 6 feet and 10 inches, equivalent to 2.08 meters.

However, there isn’t any news about his parents present in the public at the moment; and for siblings, his sister, Olivia, is the only recognized one.

Is Kristopher London Dating?

Kristopher met his current girlfriend over the internet, via the Twitter platform. He is deemed as one of the ever-present in social media.

Bri Martinez, a YouTuber, used to be contacted by Kristopher as from early 2016. They did fall in love at the end after contact communication between the duo. Towards the end of the year, the two finally met one on one.

5th December marks every year their anniversary date. Kristopher and his girlfriend marked their 2nd anniversary in 2018, an insight he shared over the Instagram platform. Sharing a snap with Bri, he emphasized that she always was her weakness.

It is evident that both of them are having a strong and happy relationship, thanks to their social media accounts. Soon after obtaining her degree from a college in Portland, Bri did move to Los Angeles, a place where the two have been living ever since.

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