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National Geographic Star Mick Dodge Net worth, Career, His Life In The Bush

Mick Dodge is popular and very sensational, maybe because of his decision to live in the rainforests away from the luxuries and complexities of modern life. He rose to prominence through his appearance on the show, Legend of Mick Dodge, on the National Geographic Channel based on his life in the rainforest. People call him ‘Barefoot Sensei’ because of his habit of walking barefoot. He was suffering from constant heart pain and back pain, and it got improved when he started to walk barefoot. A nature lover and a rainforest dweller, he has been deeply connected to nature and lives in the forest for more than 25 years. The channel made a documentary showcasing the life of this man, and how he has been working constantly to improve the natural environments and habitats. Let’s find out more about Mick Dodge, and his recent activities, life, and net worth.

His Rumours And Facts About Keeping Life Away From Modern World

Even though the ‘Legend of Mick Dodge’ is a popular show, several rumors have been associated with it. Mick Dodge is known as a barefoot nomad as he does not wear shoes. However, he has appeared in some episodes wearing shoes. Even in one episode, he can be seen wearing Bigfoot boots to make some people panic. The fact is that he occasionally wears shoes which were made by people at EarthGym. But most of the time, he prefers to stay barefoot.

Mick Dodge is also rumored to be living in a jungle without keeping any relations to the modern world. But his organization has been cleared this allegation also that he visits the house of a woman in that region sometimes.

The last rumor about Mick Dodge is about his food. Many believed that he doesn’t eat anything from the modern world. But he gave clarifications about this rumor that he mostly eats food that is available from nature but has a sweet tooth for chocolate cookies.

The Barefoot Sensei Life In The Bush

Mick Dodge is a true nature lover, but he never bothers to give a clear reply to such questions. He mentioned in interviews that his deformed feet used to hurt him when he walked. Apart from that, he has other body problems like constant back pain and heart pain. His health conditions had improved once he started to walk barefoot. Therefore, he opted for the life of a barefoot nomad and started living in the rainforests of HOH, which made him a homely feeling.

Fortunately, he started feeling improvements in his health after he became barefoot, and his back pain got vanished. Deformity of his feet was also changed. In his words, he just followed his feet like his conscience.

Living with Mother Nature is exciting, but it is not an easy task. Many risks are associated with the people who live in the rainforest. The person who lives in the forest needs to be alert always, and if not, the earth eats him. Before deciding to live in the rainforest, you need to keep a deep relation with nature and understand the forest profoundly. During his usual trekking journeys in the forest, Mick Dodge faces many difficulties.

A person who lives in the jungle faces difficulty to find food unless he has a deep understanding of the forest and its environment. Since Mick Dodge spends his life in the rainforest for many years, he knows different types of edible items that he could eat in the jungle. Now a scavenger, he eats dead animals killed by humans or predators. Being an omnivore, Mick can eat anything available edible in the forest.

Taking care of your health is certainly another difficulty that you face if you started to live in a forest. Many medicinal plants and herbs are available in the rainforest, but you need to search for them if you are ill. Mick is such a person who cut off entirely from the modern world does not prefer to use modern medicines. He uses herbs and mushrooms to treat himself if he faces any health issues.

Mick also finds difficulty to find drinking water. Bathing is another issue he faces. He stated in an interview that he moves back to the Hoh whenever he downs with cold or flu and uses glacial water to drink and soak his body. Knowing such remedies are important to stay alive and being active in the wilderness.

Human interaction is another major peril he faces in his nomad life. He mentioned in an interview that once a man who was driving along the road at high speed hit a deer and Mike and injured him. Probably, the deer killed in that accident. In his opinion, humans are the most dangerous animals he encounters in forests and no other.

Mick Dodge Net worth, National Geographic Channel Show

His show on the National Geographic Channel was a huge success and well-accepted, and it is no surprise that he has earned a good fortune over the years. However, he claims that he does not have a saving account, maybe he says so as he is not much linked to the modern world. Besides, he contributed most of the money he has earned to an organization called EarthGym that spreads awareness related to nature around people and makes more outdoor retreats.

The net worth of this intriguing man is estimated to be $250,000, and most of his income is invested in the EarthGym. His show, ‘Legend of Mick Dodge’ is getting more and more viewers regularly, and his net worth will be increased over the years. However, he is the best person to reveal his net worth and facts related to it. He once said in an interview that most of the money he had contributed to the organization. Therefore, nobody can calculate his net worth without his help.

Quick Facts About Mick Dodge

Citizenship American
Profession TV Personality
Marital Status Single
Divorced Not Yet
Girlfriend/Dating Not Known
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Ethnicity Scottish-Irish
Children/Kids Not Yet
Height N/A
Education Kubasaki High School
Parents Ronald L. Dodge(Father), Peggy June Wills Dodge(Mother)
Date of Birth August 21, 1951
Age 67 Years 11 Month(s)

A barefoot nomad, Mike Dodge is the lead character of the National Geographic reality show, “The Legend of Mick Dodge“. Graduated from a high school in Okinawa, Japan, he now lives in the Hoh Rainforest away from the contemporaries of the modern world. However, he has associated with an organization, EarthGym. Mick Dodge is the son of a career Marine, named Ronald L. Dodge. The Barefoot Sensei, Mick, also served in the Marine Corps for nearly six years.