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Myles Powell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Myles Powell is a professional American basketball player that plays for the Seton Hall University. He is the best high school shooter in America. Myles was born in Trenton, New Jersey in the United States of America. He is 23 years old and stands at 6’2 feet. He is the youngest in his family. His elder brother Noel Powell unfortunately has pending legal issues following allegations that he shot a 23-year-old man in the head at a restaurant in Massachusetts, in 2017. The police took Noel into custody in 2018, awaiting trial at the Mercers County Correction Facility. His parents separated while he was young and his mother brought him up. At some point, Myles lived with his father in Willingboro town in New Jersey.

Myles attended Trenton Catholic High School, South Kent High School and Burlington Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He then proceeded to Seton Hall University. While in school, his faith grew and he became a devoted Christian. He is a product of a tough, crime-ridden area in the United States of America. He overcame the temptation to yield to the ways of the street. His hometown is where he grew his resilience and tough spirit. He has stood his ground and proved that he is a man of character and values.

Myles Powell Career Details

Despite the offers from teams such as the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Kansas State, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Connecticut, Myles signed a National Letter of Intent, picking the Pirates over all other teams. This choice is what got his success in the National Collegiate Athletic Associate (NCAA). This meant that he had to move to South Orange and that he needed a total change in lifestyle.

When he first joined Seton Hall, he was weighing over 200 pounds. Myles had to change his diet and make healthy eating choices, eliminating junk food from his diet. He had to begin a gym schedule and make it a habit. This helped cut his weight to around 195 pounds. Seton Hall Head Coach said, “He has become addicted to being in shape…He loves the way he looks and he understands how well he’s changed his body.” In his first year, he was averaging 10.7 points per game, in the 33 games he played, seeing that he was in better shape. By sophomore year, he was averaging 15.5, better than most of the senior students at the university. The Big East Conference even named him the most improved college player, in 2017 and in 2018. He also won the Jerry West Award. In 2018 and 2019, he played 34 games and averaged 23 points. He played for the NBA Draft shortly in 2019 and returned to play for Seton Hall during his senior year.

In junior year, things took a different turn. Myles got into leadership, helping junior students shift the focus away from basketball and more towards academic performance.

Alongside Michael Nzei, Myles started holding meetings every Friday to talk about life away from basketball. From there the basketballer took part in the Big East Championship game and later, the NCAA Tournament where most people picked up his passion for the game and his scoring ability.

In the first two seasons, Myles was rarely vocal in the media. In the third season however, he took on the media crediting the win to his team members. He is a great team player and his teammates describe him as the most caring, genuine person. In the summer of 2019, Myles Powell played with the United States National team during the Pan American Games.

Myles Powell despite coming from a town prone to criminal activity stood out maintaining his principles and values, not letting fame and stardom get into his head. He always treats his teammates, coaches and members of the media with a lot of respect and humility. This has definitely helped him forge forward in his career.

Seton Hall will forever remember Myles Powell for breaking Terry Dehere’s all-time scoring record and for being the great scorer for the team. His tough spirit, hardwork and passion for the game have helped him grow in the basketball scene over the years. When asked about his dreams and aspirations, Myles said, “I want to leave a legacy at Seton Hall and I want to be remembered for something special. I want to be able to win a Big East Championship”, and true to his words, he did.