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Mr Beast Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Age, Body Measurements, Social Media Influence

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Mr Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson won fame through You Tube. He started his career in You Tube when he was only 13. He is now one of the most admired stars in You Tube in the US. He has already won the hearts of about 4.8 million subscribers on the channel after his name. Mr. Beast is his pseudo name. He came to the limelight as a You Tube artist when he posted “Worst Intros on You Tube”, a video series. With the rolling of times he earned enough popularity with the aid of posting fascinating videos the themes of which were absolutely unknown or unheard so long. Besides You Tube, his popularity has gained momentum on other social media like Instagram and Twitter.

Mr Beast’s Family Members

Mr Beast was born at Greenville in North Carolina of the US on 7th May, 1998. It was his mother who reared him along with another son. He graduated in 2016 from the Greenville Christian Academy. But the dream of being a You Tube star got the better of him and he left his college to devote himself full on You Tube. In spite of suffering from nagging Crohn’s disease he did not stop his journey and ultimately reached the zenith of success in such a green age.

Mr. Beast’s Career Details

It was 2012 when Mr Beast brought his first You Tube program “MrBeast6000” before the audience. It was nothing but an amalgamation of popular video games like Pokemon, Battle Pirates, MineCraft , Call of Duty etc. the videos earned cold reception. But It was the video series “Worst Intros” that created sensation and MrBeast won the hearts of thousands of fans. His ‘Worst Intros Ever’ was viewed about 23 million times, so far a record.
After the success of the “Worst Intros” Mr Beast began making real-life videos. These videos included ‘I Flew Using Only Leaf Blowers’, ‘ Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones’, ‘Walking Into Random Stores With 100 Dinosaurs’ ‘ I Bought A Car Using Only Pennies’. ‘It was Saying Logan Paul 100,000 Times’ has so far 15 million time views. He bought Radio Ads, TV Ads and even Billboards. Mr Beast made an advertisement campaign to support one of his fellow You Tubers, PawDiePie. In the year 2019 his video ‘I Gave A Homeless Man a Home’ made a record as more than 7 million viewers watched it on a single day.

Mr Beast Known For Generosity

Mr Beast not only earned money, he donated for various causes too. It is not easy for a man to raise a storm on the You Tube platform as it is the place where millions of fortune seekers are busy with their talents to do something awesome. Mr Beast proved his worth in such a competitive field and raised his position to a prolific You Tube star in true sense of the term.
But earning a lot did not make him a crazy money- spinning robot. He always earned for the best causes. He never thought it even for a single moment whatever he would earn would be spent for fun and frolic. He donated his earned treasure to a homeless man whom he met during a trip. No sooner did he make such a great deed he became viral and rose to the status of a genuine YouTube star. His generosity added enough momentum to his career. The more amounts he donated the more sponsorships he won. On a regular basis he used to get lots of viewers on his You Tube videos. Google AdSense filled his wallet to the fullest. He became a money making machine with a broader outlook. He stretched his helping hand to the destitute and already has spent millions of dollars.

Mr Beast Bio: Age, Body Measurements

6ft 3 inches tall Mr Beast is 19 years old. He started his career journey in the year 2012 and still is marching with vivacity. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He is residing in Greenville, North Carolina in the United States with his mother. He has not married so far. While MrBeast one of YouTube’s most popular creators who could boast of 20 million subscribers on the site as of June 2017, has never made anything clear about his personal love life. “We are simple people,” captioned one of his images.

Mr Beast Net Worth

MrBeast’s net worth is 6 millions of US dollar. His You Tube channels have over 17 million subscribers in 2019 and has so far he has accumulated over 2.5 billion. He is lucky enough to gain 8.5 million views per day from various sources, equivalent to $30k per day from video advertisements.

Quick Facts About Mr. Beast

Date of Birth :
Age : 21 years old
Family Name : Donaldson
Birth Place : United States
Birth Sign : taurus
Height : 6 Feet 3 Inch