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Mountain Men Star Tom Oar Net Worth, Living In Yaak Valleys, Career, Age, Wife, Family, Son, Chad Oar

History Channel is a great network that always brings unique personalities from very interesting to weird ones through their programs. Tom Oar is one such personality of the channel whom they introduced through the reality show, Mountain Men. A unique character, he prefers a life of isolation away from a civilized world. His life is both surprising and stimulating in a world where people are concerned about their comfort and safety. A man around 80 years of age, Tom spent nearly 40 years in the remote areas of the Yaak Valley with his wife. Here we are going to explore the personal details of this weird man, including his age and net worth.

Tom Oar Bio: Birthplace, Wife, Living In Yaak Valleys

Born in Illinois, Tom has been happily married to wife Nancy for more than forty years. The couple first met in Troy where he was working as a rodeo. Since his career came to an end, the couple moved to Montana.

Both Tom and Nancy tan the animal hidings in the astonishing Yaak valleys of Montana for a living. He is one of the eight casts of the Mountain Men of the History Channel, which aired their first episode in 2012 and he gets an extra income from the show. His estimated net worth as of 2017 is $200,000, and most of it accumulated through his appearance in the show.

Tom has the right body measurements for a mountain man. He has a good height that compliments his personality. As per his wiki, his kids are residing in Chicago. No information is available about his childhood, family background, or educational qualifications. The only information that we have is that he started his rodeo career during his twenties.

Tom Oar Net Worth And Career

Tom Oar is an American television personality with an estimated net worth of $200,000, and its major part comes from his role in the show, Mountain Men. He is also a tanner and process animal hidings along with his wife for a living even at this age. Both are also expert in creating traditional shirts, pants, jackets and buckskin moccasins and gathered around $4,000 from these products. The demand for his traditional outfits has increased after he got stardom.

He even stated in an interview that he is getting more phone calls than ever after the popularity of the show. Let’s check his stardom makes any impact on his net worth.

Mountain Men Star Tom Oar Wiki And Age

Born in Illinois, the Mountain Men star, Tom Oar, is almost 80 years old. His exact date of birth is not known. If you watch the show, you can see how energetic he and his wife even at this age. He was living a quiet life until the History Channel series, Mountain Men, which is a show that showcases the daily life of brave people who lives in dangerous situations.

Does Tom Oar And Wife Nancy and Have A Son Called Chad Oar

Tom Oar is happily married to Nancy for more than fifty years, but she rarely appears on the show. The lovely couple shares several common interests, which makes their bond stronger. Both are nature lovers, and Nancy also loves mountains like her husband. Perhaps, this is the reason why they have chosen a mountain region near the lake to build their home.

Tom and Nancy have a son, named Chad who appeared in the show a few times. As we know, Tom plays the main character of the show, but his wife and children value their privacy and prefer to keep their personal life private and rarely made an appearance on screen.

Tom Oar Son Chad Oar

Chad Oar is the son of the famous TV actor from Mountain Men Tom Oar and his wife Nancy Oar. He along with his father were featured in the famous History Channel series ‘Mountain Men’. He is a divorced father of two, currently living in Florida USA. Chad completed his high school studies in Bristol, VA from Virginia High School and graduated in 1979. He was previously married to his girlfriend from high school Kim Burnette. They both own ‘Carriage Tours of Ocala’ which deals in arranging beautiful farm tours for small to large groups of people.

Quick Facts About Tom Oar

Name Tom Oar
Age Around 70
Birthdate Mid 1940
Birthplace Illinois, USA
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Career TV Actor
Net worth $200,000
Wife Nancy Oar
Children 1
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known