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Motivational Speaker Bob Proctor Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Seminars, Coachings

Bob Proctor is the great motivational speaker. He is listed in one of the world’s best motivational speakers. He majorly speaks about extracting the hidden qualities in people and how they can implement them in their lives. He is among those powerful speakers who have the ability to enroot a huge amount of motivation and verve in the hearts of his listeners. Besides being a motivational speaker, he is also a foremost author, a great consultant and an exceptional lecturer. Bob has been considered as a leading-edge of character development since he started working as a motivational speaker.

What Is Net Worth Of Bob Proctor?

Bob is a very hardworking man. He has worked a lot to reach this level of success. His net worth is around $20 million currently. This major source of income is motivational and inspirational speaking in his seminars. He used to conduct seminars for those people who require personal development and grooming. His lessons are very helpful and people claim that his teachings change their lives and living styles. He is also designated as the founder of LifeSuccess Productions. It is basically a development company that conduct seminars for great speakers. Bob Proctor is also a worthy writer. He has written a number of books. All books written by Bob made a huge success. This is because of his lessons and teaching that leave a strong and powerful impact on the life of the readers both personally and professionally. His one of the most popular book is called “ YOU WERE BORN RICH”.

Bob Proctor Bio: Age, Early Life

The birthplace of Bob is Ontario, Canada. He was born on 5th July 1934. His age is 84 years, He is a motivational speaker, a consultant, a writer as well as a brilliant lecturer. “You were born rich & Be a Magnet to Money” are his two most successful creations. He has also played a role in a famous movie called “Secret”. He has been working in the diligence for 40 years. He is considered as the best motivational speaker throughout the globe because of his dedicated and inspiring teachings. He has tremendous knowledge of the human mind. He counsels and advises people about how to explore their hidden qualities and benefit their life with them. His lessons help people to find their potency. Because of his teachings, people become more constructive and influential to achieve their goals in future.

What Is Bob Proctor’s Inspiration?

His lessons are based on Napoleon Hill. His most favourite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is the most successful book which inspired thousands of its readers. Bob was in high school when he found his book. Bob claimed that this book has changed his life completely. After reading the book he becomes so much focused and motivated that he started his own company and soon began to work in different countries globally. His guardian was Earl Nightingale, the best character development expert. His company works in the personal development niche and conduct seminars. He also organizes seminars in Canada and the United States.

Seminars And Coaching Of Bob Proctor

After realizing his importance in public speaking and having expertise in educating about success, Bob begins his personal development company in Toronto Canada named LifeSuccess Publishing. Moreover, Proctor gives charity to humanitarian organizations which provide education to the children of developed countries. He believes that every child has the right to get an education in order to survive in this world.

Bob Proctor Marriage Details

He was married to Linda Proctor and they have a son named Brian Proctor. In the beginning, proctor was not a good speaker. He was not confident enough to speak to a huge crowd but later on, he was trained enough to deliver master speeches by Bill Gove, the person who is known as the best public speaker on ’60s. In the career of Bob Proctor, it happens that Secret received the good reception at the beginning, some motivational speaker rejected him because of encountering the law of attraction in front of their audience, but Proctor stayed strong in his place. He said that secret can provide you with everything you want either happiness or success.