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Moran Atias Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Moran Atias was on American television and caught people’s attention because of her features. She was in a string of collaborations with Oscar winner Paul Haggis as well as the FX political drama “Tyrant”. Not much is known about her early life

Moran Atias Career Details

Moran first appeared in a Television show, and at the time she was 15 years old. This show was known to be the Israeli Youth Program.

At the age of 17, she shifted to Germany, to get started with her modeling career. With time she was gaining success and fame. She did modeling for Roberto Cavalli, D&G and later she hosted an Italian Talk Show. She gained popularity because of this talk show. She continued to appear in different T.V shows.


Moran appeared in many multi-language movies, and she had to speak Hebrew, English, Spanish and Italian. Knowing more languages offered her a successful career.

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She was nominated for Best Actress, at Festival Sguardo al Feminnile 2005, Israeli Movie Days Of Love. She also played the role of a drug addict. She then starred in Oggi Sposi (directed by Mother of Tears and Luca Luncini). She also starred in Kavod (directed by Haim Buzaglo).

In the next year, she was selected to play the role of Mater Lachrymarum, in Mother Of Tears (a supernatural horror movie)

She also had to play the role of ‘Monika,’ a Romanian gypsy, and to prepare herself for this role she decided to live in Italy for 4 months. She quickly learned how immersed herself in the gypsy lifestyle. She learned Italian at the Italian Actor’s Studio to perfect her Italian accent. She also worked as co-producer for the script. The movie was premiered in 2013, at Toronto International Film Festival.

Moran Atias Dating History And Marriage Details

She was in the relationship with Valerio Morabito (2005) and Flavio Briatore.
She has also dated Adrian Mutu in the past.

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Moran dated Adrian (footballer) in2013, but they broke up after some months, due to some unknown reasons.

In January 2004, the Moran was rumoured to be dating Italian businessman Flavio Briator. Although the actress denied all the rumours, by saying he’s nothing but a good friend.

Meanwhile, she confessed that Adrian was her only serious boyfriend she had after some anonymous English guy. She was single till September 2009 and in an interview with Muscle And Fitness magazine, she said that she is devoted to her profession. Currently Moran is known to be single

Moran Atias Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality

Born in Moroccan-Jewish family. She wanted to be a psychiatrist, but because of teenaged bout of meningitis, she had to took another path. She was unable to fulfil her stint with the Israeli Defence Forces, Atias had to shift to Europe, and started to work as a model. She appeared in famous campaigns Robert Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana. This led her to work as a co-host on several Italian talk shows and variety programs. Although she was getting projects to do but she did not found the work rewarding, and began to explore acting.

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Although Moran Atias gained a lot of popularity, and success, but it was not easy for her at all. At first she had to move away from her Mother Land to find a good career for herself. Then she had visit several States to finally gain success. Atias have unique features, and that turn out to be a good point. As film makers usually prefer uniqueness and real talent, and that is how she got her journey started. It was not only her features that made her success possible, but also her hard work and struggles made her the successful actress she is now.