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Money Man Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

On February 27, 1986, Money Man was born in New York, but he was raised in Decatur, Georgia. His real name is Tysen Jay Bolding. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional rapper. Little is known about his parents or sibling. His education is also little known.

Money Man Body Measurements

He is 5 feet and 11inches and weighs about 68kgs.

Money Man Bio: Early Life, Parents, Siblings

Money man began his music journey at an early stage of between 8 to 10 years. His mother and father encouraged him, and he would always listen to Tupac and Biggie music, which inspired him to start making rap music. His mother helps him to get acquainted with David Brubec, a jazz artist from Connecticut. Money man also used to perform at local clubs. Money Man tried rap music in 2010, but after several attempts, he paused and went back to the drawing board because of finances.

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Money Man Career Details

After a break of about five years, he came back in 2016; Money Man returned to the music industry and released his mix tapes “Three Black Circles”, which had guest appearances by Young Thug, Gucci Mane and Akon. This mixt ape received a lot of following and thus putting money man in the limelight. In the same year, he released other songs like “How It Feel, Boss up”, “Tryin Me”, and “Pull Up”.

In 2017 money was at it again and released two other mix tapes, “Secret Society” and “24 Hours”. Money Man got into a contract with Cash Money Records. After a short time, Money Man terminated the contract after realizing that it was not benefiting him. He had to pay $250 to Cash Money Records to move out of the contract.

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In 2018 Money Man was at it again, releasing another list of mix tapes “Grow God”, “6 Hours”, parts 1 and 2 and finally “Trauma man”. The mix tapes were a great success for Money Man. He also released an E.P track in the winter of 2018.

In 2019 he released another mix tape, “Paranoia”, which did well in the Billboard Album Chart and climbed up to number 36. Money Man released another mix tape, “Long Money”, in collaboration with Peewee Long way.

In 2020 Money Man released two mix tapes, “Epidemic” and “Emergency,” amidst the Covid-19 pandemic; the mix tapes peaked at number 56 in the Billboard Album Chart. He later did a remix with Lil Baby. Money Man currently works with Ghazi Shame’s Empire Records.

He has been collaborating with Ghazi and has made numerous tours across America, and he has also made several guest appearances. Money Man has also worked with big names like Akon, Trippie Redd, and Deren Deshon.

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Money Man Dating History And Marriage Details

Money Man is currently single, and little is known of his love life.

Money Man Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth over 2.5 million dollars, which he makes through his music and dealing in Crypto currency deals. Money Man is also an entrepreneur; he runs barbershops and carwashes businesses.

He is also involved in buying and selling Bit coins, Lite coins, Ethereums, and Potcoins. He also owns big acres of land where he is involved in farming his food and poultry farming. Money Man has many followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram where he brags about having more than 2 million followers combined.