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Molly Rolloff is a television personality, born of Matt and Amy Rolloff on 17th September 1993, in Oregon. Of late, married Joel Silvius, in an intimate ceremony at the Rolloff farms in August, 2017. In this context, it is important to mention that her husband has no social media accounts that we know of. Also, he seems to share his wife’s love for privacy. As a result, the fans of Molly have zero insight of the likes and dislikes of her husband. She lived at Portland, Oregon, with her parents and brother before her marriage. Apart from her parents, she had three siblings, Zach, Jacob and Jeremy. In course of time, she had completed her graduation in accountancy and Spanish.

After her marriage, she had moved to Spokane, Washington along with her husband. Just after her marriage, she had stated that she felt blessed to celebrate her marriage surrounded by the people she loved. Despite a marriage to her long term boyfriend, she is yet to welcome a child on her life.

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Molly Rolloff Net Worth

Molly Rolloff has a net worth of $300 thousand dollars.

Molly Rolloff Career Details

Molly Rolloff is an American television personality, actor and director. This student of Whitworth University had been the topper of her high school.
Initially, she had featured in the reality show named “Little People, Big World” in TLC channel since 2006. Recently it had been calculated that she featured in the spin-off series, “Little People, Big World- Wedding Farm.” Of late, she had backed out of the show.

One must keep in mind that her show focuses on Matt, Amy and her brother Zach, all of whom are afflicted with dwarfism. In contrast to her family members, Molly has a normal height. Such popularity also entails baseless rumours like pregnancy which might have made her stay away from social media as well as the limelight of the show. Following this baseless rumour has been a firm denial by her father.

Not only that, she had made an appearance in Oprah Winfrey show. Of late, the Instagram handle of her mother, Amy reveals that she keeps in touch with the family members regularly. As a part of the post, we can see a photo of the mother-daughter duo, wearing vintage aprons for baking. Not surprisingly, she had stopped appearing in the show. Probably, it is because of the distance between her paternal mansion and the house of her husband. However, her fans keep getting a glimpse of her from time to time through the photos shared by her parents with her.

The latest news is that she is working as an accountant in Spokane. As of now, she is an assurance senior at Moss Adams, an accountancy firm with branches throughout USA. In this context, it is worthy of note that she had landed the job just months before completing school. Hence, it comes as no surprise that her school results were mind-blowing, a news which was confirmed by her brother Jacob.

Molly Rolloff Social Media Presence

Molly Rolloff is active in Twitter as well as in Instagram. However, unlike her family members who believe in promoting their show through their social media accounts, she believes in privacy. Strangely, her Instagram account is private. According to a survey, which was conducted in August 2018, she had approximately 198 followers in Instagram.

So, it is safe to assume that she had not been a part of the television show because she valued her privacy over fame. Regarding the private Instagram account, we may conclude that she was selective about those whom she let into her world. Of late, she and her husband have bought a ranch style house at Spokane. This news was spread by her brother Jacob z who had congratulated the couple over social media for the new house.


Evidently, she is the apple of the eye of her parents which can be condoned through the captions of her wedding photos on the account of her mother.

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