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Mj Rodriguez Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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MJ Rodriguez is an American actress and Singer from New Jersey, USA. She is a transgender who has always wanted to be woman since childhood. Her birth name is Michaela Anthonia Jae Rodriguez. However, she chose the name MJ in honor of Mary jane from the popular spider man movie.

Who Is Mj Rodriguez?

MJ Rodriguez is popularly known for her role she played in the series Pose. Also, she is the first transgender female to be nominated for the Emmy Awards. That was super exciting for the transgender community.

MJ Rodriguez is born to an African American mother and half Puerto Rican and half African American Father.


Mj Rodriguez Dating History And Marriage Details

Yes, MJ Rodriguez is a relationship with her heart rob, Stephen. In the year 2020, she took to her Instagram to express her love and shower her affections on him on Valentines’ day. So cool right.

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Although, MJ and Stephen seem like a happy couple. They are yet to be engaged or married to each other. The couple seem to be in love from the few pictures of her and her boo that she shared on her Instagram handle. Apparently, Stephen and MJ work in the same industry, while MJ is an actress, Stephen is an editor. So, their love story may have started out working together on set or working together.

Transitioning To MJ Rodriguez

MJ Rodriguez desire to transition was flamed during her off-Broadway revival of Rent. She felt like she was living her dream life through the character, “Angel”, dressed in glamorous female attires for this role. She felt more herself and more beautiful while acting this role. This in turn made her strongly consider looking into transitioning into a female.

After this lovely performance on Rent, she went into hiatus to complete her transition process into MJ Rodriguez. She began the hormone replacement process in the year 2016 and took out time to fully transition into a female. Although, there were concerns as to whether transitioning will hurt her career in the movie industry. However, her representation was quite receptive of her choice and started casting her for female roles as soon as he was ready.

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MJ Rodriguez Parents And Family Details

Although, it is established that MJ Rodriguez parents are African American and half Puerto Rican. There is no information on their names available. However, she has a sister who is also in the entertainment industry called Kyss. Kyss runs a beauty salon and she do MJ’s hair and make-up.

MJ Rodriguez Career Details

MJ Rodriguez has always dreamed of being an actress from her early age of 7. After graduating from Queen of Angels catholic school, she immediately joined the New Jersey performing arts center for 8 years to build her career in acting.

MJ Rodriguez fully started out her career back in college when she played the role of Angel Dumott in the play Rent. She stole the heart of her audience such that Fredi Walker-Browne who also played the role of Joanne in the same play praised her performance. He also went ahead to help her audition for an off-broad way production of the same play, Rent. Her performance in this movie got her the Clive Barnes Award in the 2012.

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In the year 2016, after her transition, she started auditioning for female roles in movies. This was made easy for her by her representation who were very supportive of her choice to be female. Although, this transitioning made her start her career in the movie industry afresh. She started with taking on TV roles in series like Marvel Luke Cage, Carrie diaries, etc.

Her career become a hit in the year 2017 when she acted a lead role as Blanca Evangelista in the FX series, Pose. This movie featured the most transgender in a movie like MJ Rodriguez, Ryan Murphy, Steven Canals, and Brad Falchuk. This series received so many positive reviews and brought her out into fame.