Misty Loman Mugshot, Married, Husband Gary Glass Jr. And Supporters

Misty Dawn Loman, who goes by the name of Misty Loman, is a forty-year-old woman. She is a native of Bowling Green in Kentucky. She got viral on the internet after a person named Adam Bieber, a Wisconsin Sheriff, shred her mugshots which showed her deteriorating condition due to the consumption of drugs, especially Meth.

Due to her repeated use of drugs, especially Meth, she has been arrested multiple times. She has also undergone a dramatic change in her appearance owing to the side-effects of using Meth. Her mugshots were shared with a caption highlighting the dangers of using Meth. The post got 36k shares and the google searches for Misty Loman shot up highly withing a short period.

The magnitude of her scrutiny intensified when reports came out which claimed that she was arrested in a Warren County Courtroom because she allegedly turned up in the court, in her hearing, in an intoxicated state. She was charged with various offences including but not limited to public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance etc. During her July 2 hearing in the Court, she was under the influence of narcotics. Th hearing was with respect to a previous arrest. In her purse was found a small bag containing meth. Loman took to deny the charges and claimed that the substance was crushed Zofran which was a medication to cater to the side-effects of Chemotherapy and prevent nausea. After being arrested on July 2, she is currently detained at Warren County Regional Jail with her bail set as high as $1000.

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Misty Loman Personal Life

A 40-year-old woman, Misty Loman, who occasionally goes by her married name, Misty Glass, is a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Married to Gary Glass Jr., she has two sons who go by the name of Corey and Jacob.

She has been battling drug addiction since a long time and has been subjected to several arrests due to the same phenomena. One of her earliest arrests was in 2005 when she was only 26 years old. She has had various charges put on her like possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia etc. in both the Hopkins County and Warren County.

Apart from the aspect of drugs in her life, there also exists a fact which attracted condolences from her Facebook supporters. The fact is that she and her husband have lost three children in the past. One of her children was still unborn. She got pregnant with twins, one of whom died in the womb itself whereas the other died within one month of being born. However, contrary to what one might think, none of the deaths of her children were drug-related. Apart from this grief, Misty is also battling with life-threatening illnesses along with her addiction struggles, and is also putting in her best efforts to be a mother to her two surviving children.

Misty Loman Supporters

Misty’s supporters have highly criticised the people who’ve popularised Misty’s face as that of a drug abuser and also Bieber for posting pictures of her without full knowledge about her condition. They have said so because she is suffering from life-threatening diseases like bone cancer, lupus and scleroderma, which is a disease that leads to tightening of tissues of the body. The side-effects of chemo and the symptoms of scleroderma are what which have led to her deteriorating appearance.

Since it is not even sure if she still uses meth and other drugs, it will be wrong to say that her condition is only the outcome of substance abuse. The fact that she suffers from rare diseases is more in effect when it comes to her worsening condition.

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