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Michelle Malkin Daughter Veronica Mae Malkin Has Poor Health Conditions. Find Out More About This Courageous Girl

Veronica Mae Malkin is the daughter of a famous blogger and political commentator Michelle Malkin and Jesse Malkin, a former associate policy analyst and economist for RAND Corporation.

Michelle and Jesse, both Democrats, fell for each other in the year 1991 while studying together in Oberlin University. Having dated each other for two years, the love birds decided to tie the knot on 24th of July in the year 1993. Their happy marriage got even happier when their first daughter Veronica Mae Malkin was born in the year 2000.

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Veronica Mae Malkin Family Details

Veronica’s mother Michelle Malkin is a reputed blogger and ace political commentator, American author and a business woman. Her weekly columns for various newspapers and websites gave her much popularity. Jesse Malkin, Veronica Malkin’s father has worked as an associate policy analyst and economist for RAND Corporation. Given to his health issues in the year 2004, he left his job and stayed at home to look after kids while Michelle continued to work as an independent woman.

Veronica is not the only child of Jesse and Michelle Malkin. A son named Julian Daniel Malkin who was born in the year 2003, completes the Malkin family. Four of them stay happily together in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When we peep into Michelle Malkin’s Instagram account, we get the picture of a perfectly happy and joyous family sharing a great bond and love to go on hiking on weekends and take often holidays to spend time with each other.

Veronica Mae Malkin Health Conditions

As it is said, ‘Everything that appears sugary is not always sweet’. This holds very true for Malkin family. During the summers of 2015, Veronica Mae Malkin was diagnosed with respiratory problem called costochondritis. In simple words, it is a disease related to inflammation of the cartilage that joins ribs and breastbone.

Veronica Mae Malkin came into spotlight when her mother, a famous conservative American blogger Michelle Malkin, in one of her blogs, boldly talked about her daughter’s respiratory problem and how her daughter is bravely fighting her medical condition night after night.

Explained in simple words, Michelle, about Veronica Mae Malkin’s health issue, said that various examinations and tests prove that Veronica gets more than enough oxygen in her lungs which gives her the feeling of ‘drowning’ despite her vocal cords, heart and lungs being perfectly normal. The problem leads her to gasping that sometimes reaches to a point of exhaustion.

The summers of 2015 are not the first time that Veronica had faced a health problem. Michelle Malkin had stated that Veronica was born considerably underweight and was also diagnosed with jaundice when she was born. She did not cry after birth. No other health issue had surfaced ever since then which gave the parents the feeling that Veronica is hale and hearty.

Michelle Malkin remembers her daughter’s 16th birthday as rather painful with chronic illness as Veronica was bedridden for a year. The plight of her constant migraines, fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog and alarming weight loss was a mystery to many of the doctors.

Courageous Veronica Mae Malkin

In one of her blogs, Michelle Malkin has beautifully described every intricate detail and qualities of her brave daughter Veronica who was courageously fighting the mysterious illness that had come upon her. Michelle, nostalgically, describes how her clingy and shy daughter grew into a courageous lady. According to her mother, Veronica Mae Malkin:

  • Hates shallow people
  • Loves to go fishing
  • Solves Rubik’s cube in 35 seconds
  • Loves tru-crime novels
  • Crushes over ice hockey players
  • A talented drawing artist
  • A great photoshopper
  • An ace make-up artist
  • A maths wizard
  • Obsessed over “Grey’s Anatomy”, Instagram, cartilage piercing and actor Evan Peters

Veronica Mae Malkin was named after St. Veronica, a woman who is considered an epitome of courage for the valor she had displayed at the time of adversity when Jesus Christ was on the road to Calvary. Michelle Malkin proudly says that her daughter Veronica Mae Malkin kept up her namesake for the courage she has shown during the course of her illness is more than she has ever seen even in most of the adults. Veronica Mae Malkin is a hero for her parents and for the many teenagers out there who are bravely fighting the hurdles of their lives.