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Michael Mealor Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Weight

Michael Mealor is an American actor in series like Chasing Life, Super Girl, and Roadies. He is mostly known for his part as Kyle Abbott, son of Jack Abbott in CBS’s “The Young and the Restless”.

Michael Mealor Age And Birthdate

The handsome Michael Mealor was born in Atlanta, Georgia on February 29th, 1992. He is soon to be 29 years old.

Michael Mealor Wife

Michael Mealor is a celebrity that likes to keep his personal affairs to himself, so a lot of his private life is not known. Regarding marriage, Michael has never been married and he is not married at this time.

Michael Mealor Girlfriend

Just like with his serious relationships, Manor doesn’t like the media taking part in his private issues. Since the one, and only time he let the public know about his relationships, he was allegedly seeing a student from his former job: teaching Soul Cycle classes.

There is no information on whether they continue to date or not.

Michael Mealor Family Details

Although through Michael Mealor’s Instagram account you can see many photos of him with his family, there is close to no information at all regarding his family.

His parents are both alive, as you can see in some of his photos, and there is information about a sister named Caroline, who is married and works with different charity foundations.

Michael was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and when he was a teenager he used to watch “The Young and the Restless”. He was a part of an upper-middle-class family and he remembers spending a lot of time outside.

Michael Mealor Bio; Early Life, Parents, Education

Michael Mealor’s personal information is very few. He was born in Atlanta Georgia on February 29th, 1992. He is currently 29 years old. He was raised in Atlanta by his parents and shared their love with his sister Caroline.

He used to be a lot outside, and he keeps seeing his family, as fans can see in many of his Instagram postings. His family is Christian, a faith that he has also decided to follow.

Michael Mealor Career Details

He began his professional life when he moved to Los Angeles in the pursue of a show business career. This dream was soon about to start when he was signed for the important modeling agency Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

During the time with this important agency, he started his work as a model.

He was part of Coca Cola’s 2012 Summer Olympics campaign and did modeling for the large brand Abercrombie and Fitch.

He also has a history in music videos. He has been a video co-star for big show business personalities like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

His first TV role was in 2014 in the show “Indigenous”, playing the part of Michael. Not too much after that, he got the part as a fraternity guy in the show “Chasing Life”.

Then, in 2018 his biggest chance appeared in his life when he nailed the part of one of the longest series of all times, “The Young and the Restless”, which has been airing since 1978. His character’s name was Kyle Abbott, son of one of the main characters of the show, Jack Abbott.

Michael Mealor Net Worth

Michael Mealor has a long and hard-working career in modeling, acting, and even teaching. This has led him to accumulate a fortune that moves around an estimate of $5,000,000.

Michael Mealor Dating History And Marriage Details

Michael Mealor is very silent about his private life, but it is known that in 2018 he started seeing a client from his Soul Cycle class, miss Britt Johnson.

It is said that he had to ask her out more than 3 times to get her to go out with him. But then, just as quick as he started talking about his relationship, he stopped commenting on anything else, so there is no knowledge about the relationship.

There is no information regarding if they are still dating or not.

Michael Mealor Body Measurements

This attractive American actor has a weight of 181 pounds, whilst his height is 6 feet, 3 inches.

Michael Mealor Cars And House

Michael Mealor lives ins Los Angeles, California, since he moved out from Atlanta, Georgia, looking for better career opportunities. Regarding his vehicle, there is no information on the brand or model of the car he drives.