Michael Madsen Net Worth, Bio, Movies, Wife, Parents, Divorce, Age, Children

Michael Madsen is a well-known figure in the American industry. He is an American actor who has been working for over 25 years is a veteran actor. He has acted in over 170 movies and each character he played was memorable.

Michael made his acting debut in the year 1982 with the movie Against All Hope where he was the main actor. He performed some box office hits like Reservoir Dogs in 1992, Die Another Day, Kill Bill: Vol.1 and Vol.2, Sin city and Hell Ride.

Michael Madsen Family, Children And Wives

Just like his history of movies in his professional life, Michael also has a history of wives and children in his personal life. Michael got married to DeAnna in April 1996. DeAnna is his third wife and they have six children. One kid is from DeAnna’s previous marriage. They have two kids from Michael’s previous relationship while they have three children of their own.

The two kids of Michael are from his previous wife Jeannine Bisignano, who he was married from 1991 to 1995. They got divorced after four years of marriage. He was also married Georganne LaPiere but they bear no children. Michael has five sons named Christian, Luke, Max, Hudson, and Calvin.

Michael Madsen Net Worth And Income From Movies And Shows

Michael has been in the show business for more than twenty years now. The extraordinary actor started his career and made his debut in 1982 with the movie Against All Hopes. He proved his acting skills with every movie and slowly raised to the stage of fame. Now the actor is well-known for his roles in the movie Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill.

The actor has done over 170 movies in his career and is also an accomplished poet as well. his love for writing made him won the Independent Firecracker Award for his book titled Burning in Paradise. This was his first book and it was also translated in Norwegian.

Michael also featured in various TV shows. Some of the TV shows where he made his appearance was St. Elsewhere, Gabriel’s Fire, and Real Rob. He also lent his voice for the movie Arctic dogs and also a commercial Boeing Corp.

His outstanding performance in all his movie made the actor’s career very successful. The actor has given movies to the industry which was a 2 billion grosser worldwide. His net worth income is around $10 million.

Michael is known for his acting skills, but in 2019 March he was involved in a controversy. According to reports, the actor arrested and was suspected to drive while intoxicated. Later the controversies came to an end when he was found guilty.

Michael Madsen Bio: Parents, Birthplace, Age

Michael Madsen was born on 25th September 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. Michael was raised by his mother Elaine Madsen, who is an Emmy-winner producer and poet. His father is Calvin Madsen. He was raised alongside her sister Virginia Madsen. When Michael was nine years old his parents got separated.

Michael is a well-known actor in the industry. He is a man of height 6 feet and 2inches. The 62-year-old actor has a deep voice and has an intimidating look with his shark-like grin.

Before Michael raise to fame in his career he used to work as a mechanic who repaired cars. He also painted houses and worked in a hospital in his late teens and early twenties. His work for repairing cars made him passionate about cars and bikes.

Quick Facts About Michael Madsen

Full Name:Michael Madsen
Age:61 years 10 months
Birth Date:September 25, 1957
Birth Place:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Father’s Name:Calvin Madsen
Mother’s Name:Elaine Madsen
Profession:Actor, Writer, Producer, Director
Height / How tall :6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
Net Worth:$ 10 million
Ethnicity:Mixed (English- Danish- Irish- German- Scottish)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Blue

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