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Michael Jon Hand, born on December 8, 1941, now 79 years old, the man allied with one of the greatest disappearing acts of the modern age and a mystery that goes decades back.

Who Is Michael Jon Hand?

He is known to be one of the most wanted fugitives from the Australian law. Hand vanished in 1980, and was on the run for nearly thirty-five years, ever since the collapse of his co-owned Sydney based international merchant bank, the Nugan Hand. Amidst a swirl of allegations about money laundering and financial fraud, Nugan Hand Bank is reported to have had debts in excess of Fifty million Dollars. Hand’s whereabouts remained unknown long since the apparent suicide of his business partner, Frank Nugan, who was found shot dead with a 30-caliber rifle beside him in his Mercedes-Benz.

While authorities failed to track down Hand’s whereabouts or appeared to look the other way, an Australian writer Peter Butt released a book in November 2015, called “Merchants of Menace”. That book revealed that Hand had been living under the name of Michael Jon Fuller in a small town in Idaho. Peter Butt dig up the idea of using the former US Green Beret’s experience to find Hand. Butt referred to Hand as the “protected specie” and claimed that Hand had managed to live in the United States all well-protected ever since he vanished from Australia. Because a simple background check revealed Hand’s new identity had the same social security number he had in the 1960.

Michael Jon Hand grew up in the New York City and graduated from the De Witt Clinton High School. After graduating, he went to the Syracuse University to continue his education.

Michael Jon Hand Career Details

In the May of 1963, Michael Jon Hand was enlisted in the United States Army and served in the Army Special Forces. Later he was posted to Vietnam after getting special forces training. Followed by a Purple Heart, a Silver Star, Hand also received the Distinguished Service Cross, which is known to be the second-highest military award in the United States. He received it in 1965 when he was in a detachment of Special Forces troops sent to Dong Xoai on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. On the 9th of June of 1965, Hand’s outpost was attacked by the Viet Cong during the Battle of Dong Xoai. It is professed to be free-fire strife without any sort of restrictions. On that day only six out of the nineteen Americans had survived. Out of which four were saved by Hand. At one point Hand ran out of bullets, but he still managed to make away with several people only with the help of a Ka-Bar combat knife and his bare hands. For this action of remarkably defending the special force camp, Hand was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

In May 1966 Hand left the army, and from 1966 to 1967 he worked directly under the government of the United States. He claimed to have worked with the Air America crews that supplied guerrilla forces in Laos and had helped train them. In the September of 1967, Hand moved to Australia and started working in real estate. Then in 1969, Hand established his own development company. It was in 1973 when Hand and his partner Frank Nugan formed the Nugan Hand Bank. And right from the start Hand was focusing on the international side of the bank. In the October of 1976 Hand moved to Hong Kong in an effort to grow the international side of the bank. That was when Hand managed to develop a vast network of 12 branches across three continents. 1977 to 1978 was the period when the bank evolved rather dramatically. During that time a range of United States military and intelligence figures made connections with the bank. In the August of 1977, Hand decided to move to Singapore from Hong Kong, and that was where he was managing Nugan Hand’s international affairs till the collapse of the bank in the January of 1980, the year when Hand disappeared. Within the same year, Hand had been claimed to be sighted in a number of different countries according to the news reports, but none of these reports were ever confirmed. It was in the March of 1991 when an Australian magazine known as the Eye reported that Hand had been living in the United States. But according to reporters delving into the story, the Australian authorities did not intend to pursue any more actions against Michael Jon Hand.

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