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Mia Swier Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Early Life, Married, Husband Darren Criss, Social Media Presence

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Mia Swier is born and brought up in Alabama. Her birth date is 1st September 1985. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from the New York University in the year 2007. While studying at Steinhardt School which is affiliated to the New York University, she worked at various production and television network from where she gained a lot of work experience. Some of the television networks were ABC, NBC, and USA Network. After gaining the experience, Mia became sure that she wants to become a TV writer and Producer. Mia also attended the New York Film Academy and done her internship at ‘Saturday Night Live’.

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Mia Swier Married Life

Mia is married to an actor-musician Darren Criss. They got married at this year only on the date 19th February 2019 in New Orleans. The couple was dating each other from a long time and was secretive about their relationship. They got committed in 2010 and reveled about their relationship in 2013. The pair is seemed happy with each other and often seen together at the red carpets and music festivals.

Mia Swier Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth of Mia but her husband’s net worth is $3.5 Million.

Mia Swier Career Details

Mia is a quite known name in media and entertainment industry. In the year 2009, she started production company (Effin Media) with the co-founder Dan Bricker. ‘A (Not So) Civil Union’ and ‘Somewhere Between’ are some of the movies which she has written and directed. Mia has worked for countless TV Shows like The Thanksgiving, The Daytime Emmy Awards, The Tony Danza Show, One Life to Live etc. She has directed short films and music videos. From the year 2012, she became the founder and director of a Log Angeles-based company Von Glitz Production.

Mia Swier Music Career

Aside from Mia’s Media and Entertainment life; she is also known as talented musician. Just like husband, she also likes making music. She is a bassist and a vocalist. In the year 2019 Swier formed a rock band called the Shoot the Frek, later in 2012 it disbanded. Then she formed Guns n’ Hoses band but in 2015 she left the band because of her work schedule. Mia’s stage name is Mia Von Glitz.

Mia Swier Social Media Presence

Mia does not have an Instagram account as she is not so fond of social life. But from her husband’s instagram handle, people can see pics of her. Mia do have a Twitter account where she keeps on updating people about her work and some of the stuffs related to her life.

Mia Swier Upcoming Work

As she runs a production company so there is a lot of movies and music videos which are lined up for the release. Even she and her husband, both are planning to feature in a music video as people around the world love the couple.