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Mena Massoud Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Being an Egyptian man, it has been difficult for Mena Massoud to obtain success in acting. However, with his dedication he has managed to get casted for the popular movie: Aladdin. Here we’ll be discussing everything about him, from his personal life to his career.

Mena Massoud Bio: Age And Personal Life

If you’ve ever heard of the popular recreation of “Aladdin” you’ve probably heard about Mena Massoud, as he plays the main character. However, his life’s story is far more in depth than playing one character in a show.

Mena Massoud is a 28-year-old, who was born on the 17th of September 1991 in Cairo, Egypt. However, as a young child, he and his parents moved to Ontario, Canada, where he spent his youth growing up. He is now a proud Egyptian-Canadian. He often spoke about how difficult it is to get roles when you look the way he does. Although his ethnicity has unfortunately given him a late start in acting, he is a proud Egyptian man who defied the odds of the western world standards.
In September 2019, Massoud was nominated as Egypt’s ambassador for “Talk Egyptian” which was created by the Egyptian ministry in an attempt to preserve Egyptian identity.

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He is a handsome tanned man that stands at 173cm (5”8) with a weight of 75kg (161lbs). His body measures at 40”-31”-35”.

He has a love for being active and staying fit. Sports has been a major aspect of his life as he played basketball for the Ontario Basketball Association during his teenage years. He also has a love for horseback riding. Along with staying healthy, he is a proud vegan and founded the plant-based food truck: Evolving Vegan. Apart from staying fit and healthy, he enjoys music, travel and reading. He really is a jack of all trades.

Mena Massoud Dating History And Marriage Details

His personal life is very much hidden from the public, as he hasn’t spoken out about his family or his romantic relationships. However, there are speculations.

A few rumours made the rounds, regarding his romantic life. Some say that he may even be homosexual. However, Massoud has brushed it off and hasn’t given much attention to the rumours. There has been buzz about him dating Carly Sellen, however; he has not verified the speculation. In one of his Instagram posts, was a picture of him holding someone’s hand, although this person is still anonymous. We’re quite excited to see who is going to surface as his secret love affair!
Moreover, he scarcely speaks about his family. If he does, he ensures to leave their names out of it. All that we know is that he has two parents, and two sisters, one whose name is Margaret. He was born into a Christian household and attended a Catholic high school during his teens.

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Mena Massoud Career Details

As a young child he had an affinity for theatrics and acting. After he spent his high school career at St. Brother Andre Catholic High School, he went on to study neuroscience at the University of Toronto. Realising he didn’t enjoy what he did, he vowed to drop out and pursue his dreams in acting and attended a theatre program at Ryerson University.

He started out his acting career when he got casted for the series “Nikita”, where he played the role of a middle-Eastern man. Followed suit he played in “Combat Hospital”, “Poser”, “The 99” and “What Happens Next”. He started to get recognition in 2012 when he played major roles in “Cut to the Chase and King”, “Saving Hope” and “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”. After which he got his big-break and got casted as the main character for Aladdin.

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Aladdin helped grow his career and fame. He got nominated for best actor, and best newcomer for his role. Following his big success as Aladdin, he is yet to be casted for more major films and shows.

Mena Massoud Net Worth

While earning a whopping $1 billion for his role in Aladdin and growing his net worth to $2 million, he has made some major success and wealth as an actor. He has spent his money on a brand-new Tesla car, which he reportedly sued due to fault tires and has bought a $2.2 million home in L.A.
While being casted in unfamiliar roles for the majority of his career, he has now stepped into the spot-light and has gained some major riches and fame. We can’t wait to get to know him better and see what other important movies he will portray perfectly.