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Meleasa Houghton Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Social Media Presence, Divorcing Israel Houghton

Meleasa Houghton has had her fair share of success and controversies both in her professional and personal life. She has also been through unimaginable emotional pain, having been in a troubled marriage and eventually having to divorce the father to her 3 kids, Israel Houghton.

But that is not what defines Meleasa. A celebrated gospel singer and an astute songwriter, her success story is underlined by the numerous GMA and Grammy nominations her songs have received year after year. She has actually won the prestigious Grammy Awards as well as GMA Awards a couple of times.

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Meleasa Houghton Early Life

Although her exact origin is unknown, her physical looks confirm that her parents must have been from two different ethnicities. She is, however, American by birth and was born on March 1964.

That being said, it is hard to guess how her childhood or education journey was like because no information about her siblings or any other close family member is available in the public domain.

Meleasa Houghton Career Details

Meleasa played a big role in the success of Israel and Breed, where she worked with her ex-husband. She had a hand in the success of Our Presence Is Heaven and Jesus at the Center, among other big songs by the band

It is factual to say that despite being in the gospel music industry for most of her life, she became globally known through Israel and Breed. Many predicted that her divorce would affect her career growth but, surprisingly, her popularity went through the roof after the divorce.

Meleasa Houghton Social Media Presence

It would be an exaggeration to say that the singer is huge on social media, but it is truthful to allude that she is fairly active on Instagram, where she currently has 12.3k followers. She doesn’t seem to have accounts on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook and if she does, they are all not verified.

Meleasa Houghton Divorcing Israel Houghton

A few months after celebrating her 30th birthday, Meleasa met and married the then 23-year old aspiring singer, Israel Houghton. They had a rather quiet and seemingly happy relationship for about two decades, birthing three beautiful babies in the process.

However, shortly after celebrating their 20th anniversary, the marriage was rocked by endless troubles, mostly because of Israel’s alleged infidelity. The two agreed to end their marriage in 2016.

Her ex-husband married Adrienne Bailon a few months after the divorce. On the other hand, three years on, Meleasa doesn’t seem to be keen on getting married again.

Meleasa Houghton Net Worth

Meleasa loves to keep her financial records private, making it hard to accurately determine her net worth. It is, however, estimated that her assets are in excess of $1 Million.

Some unconfirmed sources also allude to the possibility of the singer had gotten half of her husband’s wealth in form of divorce compensations. Considering that Israel Houghton net worth at the time was in excess of $8 Million, Meleasa must be very affluent now.

Also, back when the couple was happy together, Meleasa and her family were living in a $797k home. It isn’t clear who claimed it after the divorce.