Meet Heather Storm From Garage Squad. Know His Net Worth. Is She Married Or Dating Anyone?

Heather Storm is a name that some of you may find familiar if you are a television show hard core fan. She is the car fixing girl! You are half right; she is part of the show “Garage Squad” which aims to bring vintage cars back on road. The show becomes a way to reunite human emotions and the cars of the owners’ memory. It is something very unique and no other shows can have similar things to offer like this. It is almost a fact that Americans love a good car which can run on the expressway, feeling their hair being caressed by the breeze. Portrayal of these scenes and wild landscape of America have brought a huge passion among Americans to love cars.

“Garage Squad” captures this passion and turns it into a show idea. Heather Storm may even have some emotional connections with some viewers, because she has always been in the show.

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Is Heather Storm Dating Anyone?

Despite the fact that she is so intelligent and beautiful, she has not been dating anyone, or married to anyone, so far as her fans may be concerned. It is possible that she has been secretive about her love life and does not want unnecessary attention, but there is no sign of her being in any sort of relationship. Heather Storm fans out there! If you are single too, you may have a chance you know!

Leaving “Garage Squad”? Or Is There Something More Sinister?

According to David Lee, vice president of production and development of MotorTrend TV, she has left “Garage Squad” for the newest season launched this year (2019). “First, thank you to Heather Storm for her tireless contributions to GARAGE SQUAD across four seasons. We certainly wish her well in all future endeavors.”

This may come as a surprise, if not shock, to most of the fans of “Garage Squad”. She has been the brilliant girl throughout the seasons and she never fails to put that smile on the viewers’ faces. Why is she leaving the show?

Heather Storm responded in an evasive manner, indicating that she was not in the know regarding MotorTrend’s decision to denounce her role in the “Garage Squad” to the newspaper and different websites. Some of her fans have been speculating that the contract may have ended and Heather does not like the show in the first place. Maybe she wants to try out other shows, not just stuck to a certain show, which may stunt her growth and flexibility as a female artist.

Heather Storm has filmed videos of her driving around the country on her YouTube channel, Drive Yourself Local. Other pictures of her posing on her brandy fashioned cars can also be seen on her other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. We can infer that even though she has left “Garage Squad” for good, she is still passionate about cars and cars always hold a soft spot in her heart. She viewed cars as part of her family even. Driving becomes a way for her to unwind from the stress of being a female star.

Heather Storm Net Worth

Reliable sources pointed out that she has US$1.8 billion as her net worth due to her role in various shows. She has also started a company named Black Lab Mixology Boutique and Consultancy. As the CEO, it is expected to earn big bucks and have fat bank accounts. For now we are still unsure how much her company worth and how much she is paid by the producers of different shows.

She is already 58 years old despite her young appearance and finesse body figure! Maybe that is one of the reasons why her fans adore her so much. Her discipline to maintain a good shape and take care of her own beauty becomes an inspiration to her fans. Looking at how amazing she looks, her fans are convinced that perhaps there is a way to stay gorgeous despite ageing process.

One of the reasons of her young look is definitely her attitudes towards life. On her social media accounts, inspirational quotes and positive mottos can be seen. These are a true reflection of her inner state. There is a saying that surface image is a reflection of the heart. Being young looking like this, she must be feeling young and energetic on the inside. There is no reason that anyone should feel that they are not as capable as the younger ones. After all, age is just a number. Heather Storm is the perfect evidence. Let that sink in for awhile. You can be as young.

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