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Meet Dog The Bounty Hunter Cast. Know Their Bio, Net Worth, Salary, Family

You may be one of the die-hard fans of the popular reality show, ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’ and its incredible cast. The show gave a completely new meaning to the term ‘family bonding’ which aired for almost eight years. This A&E Network reality show revolved around the Chapman family who worked together to retrieve justice to bond paying defaulters. Let’s explore the life of Dog the Bounty Hunter cast, family and also the team of the show. We also highlight the short bio and net worth of the main characters in the show.

Tim Storey Net Worth

One of the few cast members of the show who doesn’t share the surname Chapman is Tim Storey. The star is a motivational speaker and a licensed life coach. He has nothing to do with the Chapman family, but both Duane and Beth talked to him when there were any differences or conflict between characters within the show.

Tim’s net worth is not known, and it is under review. He earns his money mainly from motivational speeches. This licensed life coach is also an author of several inspirational books and has appeared on different television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey show.

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Duane Chapman Net Worth

Duane Chapman entertained millions of fans with his role as the ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’. Born as Duane Lee in Denver, Colorado on February 2nd, 1953, he is presently 65 years old. He followed the footsteps of his father and became a bail bondsman. The net worth of Duane Chapman, the big dog of the show, is estimated to be $6 million. We know that a good part of his fortune he has accumulated through his main show and its spin-off, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Tim Chapman Net Worth

Tim Chapman, or as he is called Young blood, was an important character of the ‘Dog, the Bounty Hunter’. Even if he was carrying the last name, Chapman, he had no blood ties with the Chapman family of this show. Tim was born to Ronald and Dianne but started to live with mother after his parents got divorced. His mother was a bail bondsperson herself who used her own catchphrase, ‘let’s a Blonde write your Bond’. His estimated net worth is around $3 million. Tim was born on 13th May 1965, which makes him 53 years old now.

Beth Smith Chapman Net Worth

A well-recognized American actress and TV show producer, Beth Smith, rose to fame through the reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. She was the wife of the alpha dog, Duane Chapman, who died on June 26th, 2019 after battling throat cancer. Her husband, the big dog of the show, is a tough and fierce character always barking up commands to his subordinates. But he had a soft spot whenever he was with his wife, Beth. Her estimated net worth is $2 million. She accumulated a good fortune through her acting career and worked as an executive TV producer.

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Leland Chapman Net Worth

Leland Chapman, the son of Duane Lee, fascinated his fans with amazing black belt martial arts moves. He is a person with a tough childhood spent several years in a foster home knows how to productively channel his excess energy. Apart from a well-known TV personality, he is also a bail bondsman who runs a successful company. The 43-year old actor has an estimated net worth of $2 million and a good part it has accumulated through his acting career. Being the owner of a successful company, we know, he can add more millions to his net worth in the coming years.

Lyssa Chapman Net Worth

Lyssa Chapman is certainly one of the main characters of the show to include in this list. She is having an estimated net worth of around $500,000, which she earned as an entrepreneur and from her business. The owner and manager of the ‘No Tan Lines LLP.’, a premier tanning salon in Hawaii, Lyssa Chapman is a business lady. This 31-year old used a good portion of her money that she earned during her time with A&E mainly to start a venture with the Red Light Technology, named Home of the Better Body Bed. Lyssa also engages in some philanthropic activities like her stepmom. Even if she is married to Brahman Galanti since 2009, she was popularly known as Baby Lyssa.

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Duane Lee Chapman II Net Worth

The 46-years old Duane Lee Chapman is the most important person to his famous father, Duane Chapman. Born on 21st January 1973 in Honeycutt, Duane Jr. is the son of Duane Chapman from his previous marriage with La Fonda.

The net worth of Lee Chapman is not known and under review. He started to appear only on the second season of the show. Duane Lee Chapman II married to Teresa Roybal in 1999 but divorced her for cheating on him. Dylan is his son from this relationship.

Dog The Bounty Hunters Cast Net Worth Review

Name Net worth
Duane Lee Chapman $6 million
Leland Chapman $2 million
Beth Smith $2 million
Lyssa Chapman $500,000
Tim Chapman $3 million
Duane Lee Chapman II Under review
Tim Storey Unknown