Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda: Wiki-bio, Facts about Joe Kenda’s wife

The American Detective Joe Kenda and wife Mary Kathleen Mohler love story is the dream of every young girl. The two met in high school and kept their love burning until marriage in 1967. After meeting in High school, Joe and Mary fell in love and began dating, they graduated from high school went to college and kept on dating for a period before deciding to get married while still in college.

Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda has been married to her husband Joe Kenda for more than half a century now. They have braved relationship challenges together and managed to hold on to their love through every tough time.

The couple is blessed with two daughters who they choose to keep them off from the public limelight. Despite being seen together in various events; the couple has always shielded their daughters from appearing in public with them which might arouse questions regarding them.

Joe Kenda, The Husband Of Mary Kathleen Wiki Bio

Joe Kenda was born on November 14th, 1946 as Joseph Patrick Kenda in Pittsburg PA. As a young child in Pittsburg, Joe always hated murder crimes and believed they were the worst kind of crime. He developed an interest to be a homicide detective so as to stop murder crimes and stop the people that committed murder. In 1970 he graduated with a masters in International Relations from Ohio State University. In 1973 he joined the police force when he shifted to Colorado with his family.

His work as a police officer was impressive leading to his promotion as a detective. As a homicide detective, he solved close to 92% of the cases assigned to him in his 19 years of service. Before his retirement in 1996, Joe had been promoted to being the head of the Homicide department due to his excellence in his work and his capability to determine whether someone was lying or telling the truth. When asked how he could unravel the truth that easily, he stated that being a student of human nature he had an easy time reading through people’s speeches to determine whether they are telling the truth or lying.

Other than being a detective, Joe was a cast in the Investigation Discovery series ‘Homicide Hunter’ which was realized in 2011. The show rose to be one of the top viewed shows, in the series, he reopens his most disturbing cases and attempts to solve them. He was also a host of the show “The dark Minds on Investigative discovery.

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