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Marty Raney Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Mollee Roestel, Kids

It is an inspiration to know about the life of some people. Marty Raney, I’d one of them. He is a live example of those who have led a life of struggle but have not lowered their morals.

Marty Raney Bio: Age, Wife, Kids, Early Life

To begin with, Marty Raney is also referred to as the husband of Mollee Roestel. He had been born in 1957 in Alaska. Through her, he had four children, named Misty, Miles, Melanee, and Matt.

He had originally been from southeast Alaska but had shifted to an extremely remote homestead in Haines, Alaska after marriage. Prior to that, his adventures began in the logging camps of Southeast Alaska in 1974. In this context, we must keep in mind that his very first home in Alaska was off the land- it was a floating log camp on Prince of Wales Island.

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Marty Raney Career Details And Personal Life

The life which he had led after marriage was rough and he had been deprived of modern amenities. This helped develop his creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and an appreciation of all things simple.

Honestly speaking, we know very little about his life before marriage. However, subsistence and living off the land are integral parts of his lifestyle. In short, they have been a part of the wilderness for 45 years, indulges in dip netting salmon. Apart from this annual hunting of mouse and caribou is considered family rituals. In this context, it must be remembered that the area in which the family lives provides shelter to wild bears. His children have grown up in the family log and stone business.
The house which they have built has left a legacy in Alaska.

Apart from this, he is a master stonemason, mountain guide and homestead builder. Also, he had acted as the guide in the film “Spirit of Alaska” as a Denali climbing guide and as a sound man in the film “Surviving Denali.” After that, he had been seen in the film “Han Denali”, as a talented musician and guide. Furthermore, he was also a songwriter and musician.

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After that, he had been a regular in the season named “Ultimate Survival Alaska” in National Geographic Channel. Again, he was a regular participant in the show named “Homestead Rescue” of the Discovery Channel. In this context, we must note that it is about city dwellers who attempt homestead living. So, a team of rescuers is always there to provide encouragement as well as assistance because life in a homestead is not at all easy. Hence, the entire Raney family had provided assistance as a team of rescuers to city dwellers who had opted for homestead life.

Furthermore, Marty is the only person to have carried his guitar to the top of Alaska, playing music from the topmost point of North America. Commendably, his music has found his way into radio, music, and films.

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Also, he is a skilled mountaineer, who has climbed Mount Denali many times. In fact, he shares this passion with his daughter Misty and their first climb was made into a documentary in Japan. To cap it all, he is also a recording artist.

Marty Raney Net Worth

The current jet worth of Marty Raney is $100,000 Surprisingly, only a small portion of it comes through his family show, “Homestead Rescue.”

Also, his business venture and music have contributed towards his net worth.

Marty Raney Social Media Presence

Marty is active in social media and has 14716 likes on Facebook.


His family members have acquired basic skills like carpentry or mountaineering. Each of them has reached the pinnacle of success, but due credit is given to Marty for not sacrificing his value or compromising.