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Martie Allen Net Worth, Bio, Partner Kristy McNichol. Is She A Lesbian?

Martin Allen is commonly known as the wife to former actress Kristy McNichol.On the other hand her fans do not have much information about her. As an illustration, the couple publicized their relationship after being together for years. Even though Martie dated men before her romantic relationship with Kristy made her forget about men. Martie is a proud lesbian who has the benefit of being a celebrity’s partner as she hides in public.

Kristy McNichol’s partner Martie Allen

Martin Allen is 49 years old and has been in a relationship with Kristy for more than two decades. They started dating in 1991 and kept their relationship hidden for a very long time before they let it out to the public.

Kristy her partner revealed her sexuality in 2012.She did this because she did not want the younger generation to be intimidated by the society because of their sexual nature. Martie and Kristy are married but the details are not publicized.

Allen was actively dating men before she met Kristy and after their relationship she never had an eye for men again. The couple is currently absorbed in their relationship outside the public eye. The couple does not have any child of their own but their supporters are insisting for them to start a family.

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol Bio, Age and Career

Martie’s personal life including the basics is not disclosed to the public however Kristy’s life is a bit distinct from her partner’s.

Kristy’s career path began when she was still young when she appeared in commercials. Her breakthrough came from the well-known TV series Family.She has acted in many more movies and series like The End, Only When I Laugh, The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia, Apple’s Way, The Love Boat and the list is endless.

Allen’s partner is a two time Emmy award winner. The two awards came from the TV series Friends.She was once a singer which did not turn out so well. The actress disclosed her retirement in the acting industry to the public in the year 2000. She had acquired a net of $7million when she retired.

Martie and Kristy are both 56 years old but do not share a birthday. Kristy has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m).Martie is shorter in comparison to Kristy.

Quick Facts About Martie Allen

Full Name Martie Allen
Marital Status Married
Birthplace United States
Ethnicity White
Profession Television Personality
Nationality American
Spouse Christina McNichol
Horoscope Capricorn