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Married to Medicine Cast Jacqueline Walters Bio, Age, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Career, Ethnicity

Jacqueline Walters, better known as Dr. Jackie Walters is all household name. She has millions of fans who watch her show ‘Married to Medicine’ religiously. She is a reality TV star who makes an actual difference in people’s lives. She is also a practicing OBGYN. Today let’s look at the life of this person who has touched so many lives throughout her career.

Jacqueline Walters Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

Dr Jackie Walter is born on July 27, 1958 in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Dr Jackie is 61 years old. She is an African-American. She is a practising OBGYN with a clientele full of celebrities. She is also a reality TV star. She appears in the reality TV show ‘Married to Medicine’.

Dr. Jackie earned her MBBS from the Mississippi University School of Medicine. After graduation, she did her residence in OBGYN and soon became a very successful and famous OBGYN practitioner. Soon after residency, Dr. Jackie started private practice and became affiliated to Northside Hospital in Atlanta. She has a huge clintele including many big celebrities.

Dr Jackie became a household name after appearing in the reality TV show, ‘Married to Medicine’ in 2013. Through the show, Dr. Jackie has been able to raise awareness about many female health issues like breast cancer. She has influenced and inspired many lives.

This iron lady isn’t just a doctor and a TV star, she has also started a charity organization called ’50 shades of Pink Foundation’. She is a two times breast cancer survivor and her suffering has inspired her to raise awareness regarding female heath issues.

Jacqueline Walters Net Worth

Dr Jackie Walters is said to be worth a whopping $3 million. The main sources of her income are her medical practice and her stint in the reality show ‘Married to Medicine’. In addition to that, she also owns a charity organization. All these things help her to earn a handsome pay check. Dr Jackie Walters is said to earn an annual salary of $286,000. Her compassion for her others and her brilliance in her profession make her deserving of a fat paycheck.

Jacqueline Walters Husband And Married Life

Dr. Jackie Walters has married former Basketball player Curtis Berry in 2002. Berry is currently working as a basketball coach in Atlanta.

The couple don’t have any children of their own. However, Berry has a daughter from an earlier relationship. The couple had also adopted a daughter, who is now married.

Dr Jackie and Curtis Berry’s marriage hit a rocky patch when Berry’s pictures with another woman went viral on the internet. Initially, Dr Jackie was heart broken and decided to divorce her husband. But later on, she decided to forgive him and give their marriage a second chance. They are now going strong and we wish them a great life.

Quick Facts About Jacqueline Walters

Name: Dr Jacqueline Walters
Birthday: July 27
Birhplace: Michigan
Age: 61 years
Occupation: OBGYN, Reality TV star, Philanthropist and Social activitist
Spouse: Curtis Berry
Net worth: 3 million dollars
Annual salary: $286,0000