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Manny Khoshbin Bio, Net Worth, Career, Real Estate Business, House, Cars, Wife Leyla Milan

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A famous real estate tycoon Manny Khosbin, the CEO and president of Khoshbin Company born in Iran on 1971, 14the January, his wife Leyla Milani is an Iranian-Canadian actress. She acted in many television shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Entourage”.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

As of reports till 2019, sources reveal Manny holds an estimated net worth of $46 million merited over his successful career out of the real estate. His wealth permitted him to own valuable assets like luxury cars and homes. In his leisure time he practices philanthropy. He still pursues his career which reflects about his rising wealth in near future.

Manny Khoshbin Education And Career Growth

Born in Iran, Manny spent his early childhood days with 4 siblings till 1985, after which his family decided to shift in the U.S, leaving behind war-affected Iran that took many lives including some of their close relatives, other badly injured. To evade the same fortune, his family along with other children escaped Iran.

In the beginning, it was tough for him to adjust in U.S, as he was not accustomed to the accent and language. He even faced bullying during his school days, but nothing seems more precious than what Manny is now, a successful businessman. During secondary school, he realised his foremost business-type experience by selling goods during weekends at swap meet. While he was 16, he started his first work at Santa Ana Kmart, his responsibilities involved mopping floors and gathering shopping carries in the parkade.

Soon Khoshbin was promoted as one of the top employees to assistant manager (sporting goods) at Kmart. He was not satisfied with his job, that was only limited to salary and started looking for finer opportunities and joined a multileveled marketing firm hawking snacks at every door. For his company, he proved to be the highest earned salesman. Later he discovered how he can earn more by lowering his cots. Finally at 18, he realised he evoked his personal business, while he was completing his final year of secondary school.

In 1991, later he started his personal realty company which led him to finance in troubling bank-owned properties. Even though existence of biasness was there against him because of his language barrier and descent, he achieved success at early age. Following the years his wealth rose tremendously, he started paring with different companies too. Presently, his firm “Khoshbin Company” owns a corporate real estate portfolio spreading across 6 states and nearly 2.2 million square feet. He even ventured into different other business scopes and wishes to own an enterprise which vaults numerous fields.

Manny Khoshbin Wife Leyla Milan

Since 20111, Manny happily wedded to Leyla Milani, both of them shares Iranian ancestry. They together have 2 children. His wife gained popularity during World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search in 2005. She was the part of competition and ranked second place, following she can be seen in WWE Raw advertisements. Eventually, she chose to do modelling and left wrestling work. Her show “Deal or no Deal” bought her fame and spotlight.