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Mahershala Ali Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mahershala Ali, a terrific, angry-young man, versatile actor was born on February 16, 1974. This revenged and energetic rapper and actor was born in Oakland, USA.

He is a chaste and clever artist. He is amongst the most award-winning actor. People love his scarcely first-rate performance as an actor and a rapper.

Hence his mom who was a real superwoman raised her child independently. Although Mahershala Ali was brought up in a single-parent environment, yet he is an amazing human being. He loves his wife and daughter fantastically.

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Mahershala Ali Career Details

Ali mesmerizes the audience with his dynamic and powerful performance. Undoubtedly, he has become the most demanding actor for Hollywood films. He is blessed with strong dialogue delivery and he is quite able to create charisma through his character.

For his amazing performance, he has won various awards. Although these awards are tiny yet they express true love for him.

At St. Mary College, he started taking part in different performing arts. There he took a role and played so well. It was the play Spunk. This opportunity awoke an urge in Ali to become an actor.

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2003 was a remarkable year in his career. He was cast as a lead role in a small autonomous filmmaking revolution. Undoubtedly, he won many awards for his professional work in many films.

One of the most famous Netflix series House of Cards has made him a superstar. For this role, he was nominated for Emmy Awards.

His role as a slave, later on, turned into a political activist in the film the “Free States Of Jhon” which helped him to receive cheers.

Ali won his first-ever Oscar Award for his brilliant performance in Moonlight. He received his second Oscar as a token of appreciation and love from the audience in 2018, for his terrifying role in Green Book.

His marvelous career as an actor and a rapper still go on. Obviously, galaxies of success are in his way.

Mahershala Ali Net Worth

Net worth gives you the estimated idea of all the earnings of a celebrity in a year. This alone skillful actor’s net worth is $8 million.

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Mahershala Ali Dating History And Marriage Details

Obviously, it is very hard to tell about the private life of a celebrity. He has been dating with AmartusSami-Karim since 2013.

Mahershala Ali got married to his dream girl in 20123. The lady who broke into this super amazing star’s heart is Amartus Sami-Karim. This is the only romantic partnership that is opened to the public.

Amartus has proved herself a perfect match for this obscure and middle-aged man. The couple is living a very happy and joyful life. The love and harmony of their matrimonial relationship are quite obvious from their body language.

It is not possible to be up-to-date about their previous hooks and fingers.

Mahershala Ali Parents

Such a professional in-born actor was born to Phillip Gillmor and Willecia Goines. He was raised in Hayward.

His mother was a Baptist minister. His father left them when he was so young. His father wanted to pursue his career as an actor and dancer.

His mom played a crucial role in his upbringing.

Mahershala Ali Kids

This lovely and mesmerizing actor spoke out about his fatherhood. He said that being a father is such a precious relationship. He talked about his love for his daughter Bari Najma Ali.

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His words from the heart really depicted how proud father. He said that she played with him in her own style. She is grounded yet this is amazingly beautiful.

Mahershala Ali Body Measurements

Surely, the fans who are in love with this windy melodramatic actor are curious to know about the body measurements.

This amazing, and handsome angry-young man is 6’.1” tall. He is a proud black superhero.

Mahershala Ali Cars And Houses

There is no information available about his cars and houses. Like many other celebrities, Ali is successful in hiding his personal life, even in 2021.


Mahershala Ali is undoubtedly a charming and brilliant actor. He has the ability to mesmerize his audience with his powerful performance. You all must have a crush on him. He has given many memorable characters to the silver screen.

He is still in high demand for Hollywood films. He did full justice to his character in Good Book. His fans want to know about his personal life.