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Lucie Fink Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, Wedding, Parents, Family

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If you watch Refinery29 then you sure would know Lucie Fink. She is the most attractive host for the show “Try Living with Lucie”. Lucie also writes and hosts Lucie for Hire. She is a young and quite talented host internet has seen in a long time. She has been nominated and won awards in the communication and marketing industry.

Lucie Fink Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Lucie Fink celebrates her birthday on August 3rd and she is aged 27 now, meaning she was born in the year 1992. She was born to Deborah and Jimmy Fink. Her parents are also in the fashion and entertainment/communication industry. Lucie picked up her talent from her parents and she has been shining since she joined the industry.

Lucie Fink Career Details

Lucie joined college to attain the neuroscience major degree. But within a year she realized that she is not made to become a doctor. She always had a list of the possible things that she wanted to be. She wanted to get into the creative industry and she had listed down – a Producer, a Writer, a Host or a Stop-motion video artist. At last she chose to become a producer.

After a year of becoming a producer Lucie interviewed with Refinery29 – a digital media company based out of New York – for the role of video producer and lifestyle host. She started writing, scene producing, and a mix of both on camera and behind the camera work. This work was what she dreamed of.

Lucie started Vlogs that pertain to fashion, lifestyle and food habits. She keeps log of her day to day habits based on these topics and shares it with her viewers.

She started creating creative contents for the viewers and keeping them engaged. She started with Try Living with Lucie. In this series she tries to encourage people to live like her. Like living without plastic for 5 days, changing food habits for 5 days and so on. She also is the host of Lucie for hire. This has attracted many channels to host it on their television channels. Her YouTube videos are also hosted on many televisions.

Lucie Fink Dating History

Like any fairy tale or a love story, Lucie did get engaged to her long time boy-friend Michael. They had been dating since 2009. For over 10 years they have been dreaming and fantasizing about their marriage and their life ahead together.

Lucie had firm in her mind that she would be marrying Michael as he was an open book to her. Michael reading her mind and also being a smart one to win his lady love for life, he took her to a surprise visit to his family where he bent on his knees and proposed in front of his family.

Lucie wanted this thing to happen to her in front of her family. Michael set another trick to surprise her and he gathered her family as well same evening where he again popped the question. Lucie was living her fairy tale moment when this happened. They planned their wedding in the month of September 2019 during their 10th anniversary as couples.

Lucie Fink Wedding

The wedding of Lucie and Michael was a very well planned and organized one. Both the families are huge and hence they planned it on a weekend in Hamptons. The wedding website and the preparations were going all around on her YouTube channel and Refinery29 website. The wedding was with all the pomp and glory followed by a party. She was of course dressed in a white wedding gown and as always she looked pretty and the dress was as simple and rand together. Michael on the other hand dressed in a black tux and looked handsome. Both looked the cute made for each other couple.

Lucie Fink Family Details

Lucie has an elder twin sister (one minute elder) Allie and an older brother Robbie. Her Father is Jimmy Fink who is a Radio DJ. Her mother is in Fashion industry and is a designed – Deborah Fink. Allie Fink works in an Investment firm – a different industry altogether. Her brother Robbie is a senior Manager. Both Allie and Robbie wrote a song From Day One for their sister’s wedding and this is there on the Lucie’s YouTube channel.