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Louise Harman Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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Lady Sovereign’s birth took place in Wembley, London, UK. She grew up in Chalkhill Estate, Wembley. She is a rapper and a songwriter who rose to popularity in 2001. She has worked with prominent artists in the rap industry and dropped multiple EPs and studio albums.

Louise Harman Dating History And Marriage Details. Is Louise Harman A Lesbian?

In 2010 Lady Sovereign came out as a lesbian. She was dating her make-up artist Becka Gavin according to Sovereign’s old Instagram account, where she was in a mirror selfie with her ex-girlfriend back in 2013. Not much is known about her current relationship.

Louise Harman Family Details With Parents And Siblings

She was brought up by her single mother, Nicola, who passed away because of a brain tumor in March 2010. She has two siblings Chloe and Richie.


Louise Harman Body Measurements

Lady Sovereignty stands 1.5m (5”1) tall.

Louise Harman Career Details

Lady Sovereign, also known as “SOV”, got fame from her hits like “9 to 5,” “Random,” and “Hoodie.” Back in the days when SOV was 14 years old, her parents being a fan of punk rock made Lady Sov a fan of hip-hop MCs and rock music. She used to compose beats by herself, and she rapped and sang over them. She uploaded her songs on the internet, and that’s where her life turned around. The sources that became a pathway of success for the British rapper were web chat rooms, fan sites, and blogs. At the age of 19, Lady Sovereign was signed by Def Jam records and in a collaborative project she dropped her album “Public Warning.” SOV had a unique British MC style rap also knows as Grime, which gave her the title of “Feminem” (Female Eminem) and “Queen Of Grime.” In an interview to the Guardian SOV said: “ It started out of boredom and then became a passion.”

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Unlike the hip-hop scene for the ladies in this day and age, Lady Sovereign’s style was inspired by punk rock, and her tomboy vibe was everything that made her iconic. Her first store-single was released in 2003 by the title “The Battle,” she went on to release a few singles in 2004, and her music was loved and was spread widely over the internet.

Chicago’s label “Chocolate Industries” got Lady Sovereign on board with their EP “Vertically Challenged.” Later on, Jay-Z and LA Reid got in touch with SOV, and they signed her without any hesitation as the British rapper did a freestyle on the spot for the legendary MCs. Immediately working on the project with Def Jam records, Lady Sov dropped the highly requested TRL video of “Love Me or Hate Me” and went on to release the super hit “ Public Warning.” The album featured hits like “Random”, “9 to 5”and “Hoodie.”

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In 2009, Lady Sovereign dropped her album “Jigsaw,” which was the last album from the British MC; she had a dispute with “Island Records,” and she went on to release the album through her label “Midget Records.”

SOV was a contestant on the show “Celebrity Big Brother,” where she got evicted after being voted out by 69.7 percent of the public. She confirmed all the gossips and talks about her being a lesbian but never openly discussed anything about her relationship.

She was not involved in many controversies, but in 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, she got arrested for assault as she spat on one of the bouncers of a club; she was charged with assault and disorderly behavior. She paid a fine of $400 AUD, and $200 AUD to the bouncer as on compensation terms.

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Where Is Louise Harman Now?

There is not any apparent reason for why she has disappeared from the music scene. Still, according to primary sources, it is believed that she left music because of her beloved mother passing away from a brain tumor. However, she has been active on Twitter.

Lady Sov had a great time in her peak; she got a lot of tv commercials, talk shows, and her tracks were featured everywhere. It is not imminent that she might make a comeback, but if she does, she would probably love the hip-hop game.