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Liz Dueweke Bio, Career, Married Life, Husband, Salary, Family, Early Life

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Liz Dueweke is a popular morning anchor and an experienced journalist. She is also a multimedia content creator, working for KCPQ-TV Q13 FOX, Seattle. She is very good at speaking Spanish as well as the English language. Liz is one of the talented professionals who have gained nice fame all over.

Liz Dueweke was born on 4th November 1984 and she had stayed at Michigan and in Oklahoma. She had taken the education at Oakland University for studying broadcast journalism. She was a very proactive girl when she was taking education where she involved in several activities like OUTV, WXOU, and The Oakland Post. With a height of 5 feet 8 inches, she looks very professional and dynamic lady which suits perfectly for her profession.

Liz Dueweke Parents, Early Life

Her father’s name is Norman and mother’s name is Gladys. Her mother was a news anchor too who had inspired Liz to become an anchor. In September 2015, her mother died when she was 49 years old. Liz had a deep love and respect for both of her parents. Liz was one of the very active girls in school days and was an average student in her academics. Further, while she was taking education, she had done an internship with at Fox 2 WJBK and was a freelancer at Real Detroit Weekly. After completing the education, she had even worked for TheSpyFM.com, and WJRT, Inc.

Liz Dueweke Married To Adam Mertz

Liz Dueweke got married to Adam Mertz, with whom she was in love since the year 2007. They finally got married when Adam broke the jinx between them on 16th February 2013, by proposing her for the marriage. They quickly did the engagement and got married on the 11th of October 2013. The couple has a great love for each other and been fluttering many of the social media through their awesome photos. Their love for each other on social media has become a great icon many of the different couples to follow the same path and bring in the same affectionate love for each other. Both Adam and Liz are great pet lovers and they have two dogs with them. The names of the dogs are Diggy and Wolfe. The Instagram account of Adam and Liz with their pet is quite famous across the world.

Liz Dueweke Wedding Details

Are you curious about the married life and wedding of Liz Dueweke? This renowned American actress, journalist and content creator had a pretty unconventional wedding. She had been engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Mertz, since 2017. Adam is a former TV journalist and communications manager. Liz’s parents were married for more than 50 years till her mother passed away in 2014, which contributes to her respect for marriage.

She explains to her fans the reason behind her unorthodox wedding, which had faced much criticism and kindled curiosity in public. She eloped with her fiancé to get away from a loud wedding. The couple had a teensy weensy wedding in October 2013 in Woodinville, WA. Liz claims that she was one of those brides to be who dreaded the wedding ceremony. Unlike the general fascination with grand weddings, she had always felt concerned about the inordinate amount of money wasted on weddings. In her partner Adam, she found a similar attitude, which brought them even closer. They preferred intimacy and privacy over glamour.

She bought her wedding gown through a non profit organization called “Brides for a Cause”. You do not usually come across celebrities who settle for wedding dresses of just 200 $. The wedding venue was the breathtaking Willows Lodge in Woodinville. In fact, this lodge has a special offer for eloped couples, which she availed of. She is proud of the fact that she completed her entire wedding within 1300 $. The couple later went to Cabo on honeymoon. The pictures from the trip made Cabo the dream destination for many a fan.

Liz Dueweke Net Worth, Career And Salary

Liz, with her immense hard work and talent, has made a good career for herself. Liz is now earning a very good salary of $58,230 as a multimedia content creator. She also earns an amount of $108,467 per year with an addition to it at KCPQ-TV Q13 FOX as a news anchor.

Her social media account on Facebook reflects her civilized thoughts of welcoming the difference of opinion and intelligent debate. She likes to give more positive thoughts to society. In fact, in one of her social media post, she had stated that how can achieve weight loss, in spite of eating the chocolate. Liz Dueweke has a large number of audiences following her.