Liu Yifei Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Liu Yifei was born in Wuhan, Hubei, Province of China on August 25th, 1987. She started demonstrating at 8 years old and was prepared in singing, moving and the piano. Moving to the United States at 10 with her mom, Liu lived there for a very long time. She got back to China in June 2002 to pursue an acting and modelling job.

Liu Yifei Career Details

In September 2002, she was acknowledged into the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy at the young age of 15. Her first TV job was in The Story of a Noble Family. Soon after, she was picked to depict the job of Wang Yuyan in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, an action and adventure packed movie dependent on the equivalent named novel by the acclaimed hand to hand fighting author, Jinyong. She follows Buddhism and like her family follows it religiously.

Liu Yifei Body Measurements

Liu is 5’7 (1.70m), her nickname Liu Ximeizi, Crystal Liu. Her hair color is black and her eyes are charcoal black. She has a waist size 23 inches (58 cm), hips size 33 inches (84cm), breast size 32 inches (81 cm), bra size 32B, and wears shoes size 7.5 US.

Liu Yifei Career Details

In October 2003, Liu marked her entry on the massive screen collaboration with might Day, the well-known Taiwanese dance band within the motion-picture show Love of might. Her fame and recognition went up another notch through her stellar role within the 2004 drama series adaptation of the computer game, The Legend of steel and Fairy. Upon her graduation from the capital of Red China Film Academy in July 2006, Liu asterisked in another tv production supported another book by Jinyong, The comeback of the cathartid Heroes. This TV series was alright received in Asian nation, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Liu created her 1st raid her music career in August 2005 once she secured a recording contract with Sony Music recreation Japan. When taking on singing and recreation lessons for a year, her album Liu Yifei was discharged regionally in Asian nation, Taiwan, urban center and throughout South-East Asia in August 2006, which includes a various music repertoire as well as rap and soft rock. Within the same year, Liu additionally discharged her Japanese album within which the only, The Gate currently Night, was chosen to be the theme for associate degree animation series by capital of Japan TV. With such a colorful resume you might expect Liu to be a Hollywood superstar but that’s on the contraire for she has had numerous box office flops and because of which she has also been nicknamed, “The box office poison”. Her movies Outcast (2014) and Chinese Widow (2017) were major box office flops. She has also co-starred in Korean and French co-productions, ‘For Love or Money’ (2014) and The Third Way Of Love (2015).

However, she is widely known for her role in the live action movie Mulan, to which she beat 1000 contesters to and secured a role in it. However during a Hong Kong extradition protest many people faced police brutality to which Liu had tweeted she supported the Hong Kong police, “I also support the Hong Kong police, you can beat me up now” she tweeted. This tweet startled a wild fire on social media and the hashtag #boycottmulan was trending. Criticism came along it with people pinpointing her role in Mulan as someone who stood up against male masculinity and brutality which was hypocritical to the young actress’s present actions.

Liu Yifei Net Worth And Dating History

The $10 million worth actress has had her fair share of fame and name in the spotlight. She has even dated the attractive, mesmerizing Korean actor Song Seung Heon. In 2015 the couple made their relationship public, they met in 2013 when they were co-stars for the series The Third Way Of Love (2015), but sadly their relationship did not last long with the couple spliiting after 3 years in 2018 due to their occupied and busy schedule because of which they could not give each other time.


With a promising career for the future, the talented and beautiful actress is hoped to grace the screens of many more future movies and series. She has been blessed with many talents such as martial arts, she can speak different languages, French, English, Chinese and a bit of Korean and Japanese too.

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