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Lisa Brennan Jobs Bio, Net Worth, Age, Career, Private Lifestyle, Zodiac, Birthday, Dating And Adrian Fenty

Lisa Brennan Jobs is the daughter of the late Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs never accepted her as a daughter unless he reconciled with her at the age of 9. Lisa has since created her own identity without being overshadowed by her father’s name. She is a very talented and confident woman. She is known to be as intelligent as her father and has created her own identity without depending on anyone. During the early days, Steve Jobs did not accept her even though the DNA matched. She had to spend a major part of her childhood alone with her mother, and she went on occasional trips with her father.

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Lisa Brennan Jobs Bio; Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Zodiac

Lisa Brennan Jobs was born on May 17, 1978. She was born on an All-in-One farm outside Portland, Oregon state. Her father came to see her three days later after her birth. Her sun sign is Taurus and is presently aged 40.

Lisa Brennan Jobs And Adrian Fenty Dating

She has a boyfriend named Adrian Fenty who was the ex-mayor of Washington DC. They have always preferred to keep the information hidden from the outside world and have kept it that way.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Leads A Private Lifestyle

Liza leads a private lifestyle and is one of the most fashionable and renowned named of a time. She is always preferred to hide from the spotlight and live a life away from media coverage. As per her experience, her mother raised her alone and didn’t have money lots of facilities but was still happy.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth And Career

It is estimated that her income worth is around $10 billion. Lisa is a well-known journalist, writer, and social media personality. Apart from earning on her own, she has inherited her father’s fortune. She has also written for many famous magazines. Before she was born, her mother Chrisann Brennan, used to work as a waitress and her father Steve Jobs was working on a computer system.

At the age of 18, she enrolled for Harvard University and studied for one year at King College. London. Her first job was at The Harvard Crimson and has also written for “The Southwest Review,” “The Massachusetts Review,” “The Harvard Advocate,” “Spiked,” “Vogue” as well as the “O, The Oprah Magazine.” She started working at an early age and put a lot of effort into every work she did, which has made her what she is today.

She has also done the screenwriting for the movie “Steve Jobs” in 2015. She is also working on a memoir by the name “Small Fry,” which describes her relationship with the father. This is sure to increase her net worth once released. She has also been featured in three biopics which were Pirates of Silicon Valley in the year 1999, Jobs in the year 2013 and Steve Jobs in the year 2015.

Quick Facts About Lisa Brennan Jobs

Lisa Nicole Brennan

May 17, 1978 (age 41)

Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Residence Brooklyn, New York
Nationality American
Other names Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Writer
Known for Steve Jobs’s daughter, author of Small Fry
Spouse(s) Bill
Children 1
  • Steve Jobs (father)
  • Chrisann Brennan (mother)
Relatives Mona Simpson (aunt)