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Lexi Allen Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Awards, Husband Michael Dwayne Allen, Kids, Ethnicity

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Lexi Allen, whose real name is Alexis Marie Nucklos- Allen, is famously known for her stage name Lexi Allen after her famous first released album Call Her Lexi. She is one such person who has made herself noteworthy in front of numerous eyes in the world. Lexi Allen is a well-known American gospel singer, producer, actress, comedian, television celebrity and a successful screenwriter.

Labeled under the name of the Malaco Music group, Lexi Allen started her career after she was awarded Ms. Bronze Pageant in 1989 and became a member of Zeta Phi Beta. Talking about her origin, Lexi was born in Columbus, Ohio, on October 2 of 1967, being today at the age of 52.

Lexi Allen learned singing in a very different way of being taught in a Grandfather’s church. She attentively graduated from Bowsher High School and then continued her higher studies at Bowlin green state university. She majored in her skills in communications during the same period.

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Lexi Allen Career Details And Awards

As a much-known truth of life, no one can touch the heights without hard work; Lexi Allen also did her best and had many hardships during her career to reach where she deserves to be. Success is never at the doorstep; Lexi began her singing with the basics and gave her best background vocals among others.

Lexi Allen also worked as a teacher and studied before she started her singing again after a long period of ten years. That was her turning point towards the new icon of the youngsters. She was awarded the Stellar Gospel music award nomination too. She became a public figure of The Word Network, hosted on The Lexi Show, on a famous YouTube channel The Yolanda Adams morning show and as well run a business selling hair extensions.

Lexi Allen Net Worth

Today Lexi Allen is a celeb who has a net worth $100,000-$1M at the age of 52. Recently her main income source is mostly from being a successful TV Show Host.

Lexi Allen Family, Husband And Kids

Every successful person has backbone support of their love. Lexi Allen had her beloved husband behind her success. Michael Dwayne Allen was a music producer-writer. Lexi and Michael were a duo husband-wife as well as partners creatively working for each other’s success. The couple also has a son from their happy marriage named Michael Alexander Osaze Allen, who is 17 years old as recorded. When their happy marriage was touching the happiness of success as well, a sudden tragedy happens to meet their lives.

Michael Dwayne was sadly diagnosed with the deadly disease of cancer and also that it took away his life. Lexi was heartbroken after this incident and had mourned for many years before she could decide to move on. Later she also found someone to move on with, but few days before their marriage she felt him not worthy for her to move on with, and so canceled her relationship with him and moved on to live her bachelor’s life with her family in Jamaica. During that phase of her life, Lexi proved to be an example set before the public figures, who kept the authenticity that made her folks keep following her.

It was bold enough telling the media about her marriage is off and that she would be still happily enjoying her life like a bachelor with her family. Her bold statement gives a cheer up to the lady, for when celebrities are having a rough time, humor and public interference is the most that disturb. Wherein, Lexi was strong to explain in public to let her have her privacy with silence from fans in her rough time.

Lexi Allen Parents

Belonging to an American-African ethnicity, Lexi Allen was born to Dr. Ruby Nucklos. Her mother Dr. Ruby was previously worked as a physician and then was made a professor.

Lexi Allen has been preserved in matters of family members, hence lot information is not known about her mother and father. Yet the provided information of her reputed mother is all one can learn of.

Lexi Allen Rise To Stardom

Lexi Allen with her brilliant voice and skills of communication on TV shows and her musical albums has touched several fans’ hearts. In the world of glamour and the midst of perfect people, Lexi Allen has made a precious place, with one or the other way, may it be her looks, her fashion, her boldness, her thoughts or her music.