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Les Stroud Net Worth, Career, Married, Kids, Wife Sue Jamison, Nat Geo Show,

If one word could describe Les Stroud, it would be multitalented. Seriously, who does not know about his show Survivorman? The television series that has thrown this man directly into the limelight is one of the best of its kind. This survival expert has not only looked death in the eye but has also defied it. Not once, not twice, this extraordinary man has escaped the clutches of death on several occasions.

Are you not curious about this excellent man’s personal life and information? What is his life like? How much are his salary and his net worth? What is his age? What is he up to these days? What knives does he own? What is his marital status? You are going to find the answers to all that and even more in this article. So be glued to it and read on to find out more.

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Les Stroud Married To Sue Jamison, Having Kids Together

They say that everything is fair in love and war and that love is so blind that it could actually make you really stupid, wild stuff. For Les Stroud, all these have been true. In 1990, when he was a canoe excursion leader, he met the photographer with a wild streak- Sue Jamison. They fell head over heels in love and got married in a social ceremony in 1994. They have had two children together(Logan and Raylan). However, the couple called it quits with a divorce in 2008. Nothing more has been known about his relationship status since.

Les Stroud Net Worth And Career

Have you ever wondered how much this man who has survived, has made or makes? In this section, we are going to tell you precisely that and more. Stroud has been in the industry, active, for more than two decades now. A time span long enough for him to become nothing short of a millionaire. As per the current records and surveys, Les Stroud’s net worth stands tall at $5.5 million. While one large share of the fortune comes from his participation in TV channels, another part comes from his record sales too.

Have you ever wondered what exact equipment help the formidable survivor escape from the unforgiving jaws of mother Nature? Well, then head to his website where he sells all the equipment. The knives are of top quality with their blades each 3 to 4 inches long. Not just that, the knives are complete with mirrors for SOS signaling and an LED flashlight to rescue from the dark. Really, it would be 50 bucks well spent.

Les Stroud New Show At National Geographic Channel

As per the latest records, Les Stroud is currently working with Nat Geo Wild on their Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet. You do not have to be afraid about missing out on any of his new contents because we will keep you posted right here as soon as we get to know something. Make sure to keep checking this space out regularly.

As has been established earlier, the fearless man is a versatile personality and has so many talents in him, that you are bound to get baffled. Les Stroud had his hands full creating, directing, writing and starring in all the seven seasons of the Discovery Channel’s show Survivorman. Just as every good thing comes to an end, Survivorman too ended in 2012. It was then that he got the opportunity to explore his expertise in his other talents.

As he himself has said many times, Les Stroud loves to immerse himself in the world of music. So, post-Survivorman this TV star has been desperate on releasing new albums. If we forgot to mention, he himself was the creator of Survivorman’s theme music. He has released his new album Bittern Lake in the year 2018. The album’s genre is rock, and it has been a massive hit.

Les Stroud Career Development

The survival strategist had always been a multitalented personality. True to this claim, some of you might be shocked to know that when Les Stroud had stepped into the limelight, it was not as a man who defies death but as a musician. He found solace in the music industry as is evident from the fact that he had worked several years for MuchMusic, a Canadian based music video channel. Next, he was signed into the record label RCA and released many bonus tracks and also EP’s singles. Once he played the harmonica, there was no stopping him. He collaborated with several bands including the Northern Pikes among others. His prominent genres are acoustic, traditional folk and of course, the blues.

While living off the grid with his wife, Les Stroud also got the marvelous opportunity to work as the guide and outdoor instructor to the aboriginal community in the wild. It was during this time that he filmed a fifty-minute long documentary video in which he called them Snowshoes and Solitudes. As these videos reached the peak of their popularity, he was approached by several media bigshots like the Discovery Channel. This was back in early 2001. In 2004, the filming of his daring escapades landed him with the now-famous show, Survivorman. As a result of this, he got to be the guest host on Discovery Channel’s I Shouldn’t Be Alive. He has also tried his hand at production with YTV and Cartoon Network’s joint venture Survive This. All in all, one thing is certain- this Canadian survival master’s skills in the wild, are absolutely through the roof.

Quick Facts About Les Stroud

Name Les Stroud
Birthdate 20.10.1961
Birthplace Libra
Age 57
Nationality Canadian
Career Survival expert filmmaker, musician
Net worth as of 2017 Around $5.5 million
Marital status Married Sue Jamison 1994Divorced in 2008
Children 2
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Dead or alive Alive