Lelah Amore Harris Siblings and Facts about T.I Daughter.

The name Lelah Amore Harris might not be common to many of you as she didn’t  get to see the world after her birth. She was a celebrity child born of two celebrities Tiny and T.I. Tiny whose real name is Tameka Cottle is the mother to Lelah Amore while Clifford Joseph Harris popularly known as T.I is the father to the late Lelah Amore Harris. Despite never getting to opportunity to experience the love of her parents there are facts about Lelah Amore Harris that are not known to the public.

She would have turned 13 years this year.

If she would have been alive, Lelah Amore Harris would have celebrated her 13th birthday on the 22nd of March 2020. She would have been excited at how close she was to being a teenager.

She was a Still Born.

It was a very sad moment to both T.I and Tiny when they got the news that their little princess was already dead before she was even born and hence she will be born a still birth. The couple had planned so much for their baby and didn’t know that death would snatch their daughter before she could even express her first smile.

Lelah Amore Harris Siblings.

If Lelah wouldn’t have been a still birth, she would have been the second child to Tiny and T.I and a sister to her six siblings. Lelah would have been siblings include: Messiah Harris, Domani Harris, Joseph Harris, Major Philant Harris, Jaylee Pullins, and Imani Harris.

Tiny’s Pregnancy complication.

A short period after Tiny Cottle discovered that she was pregnant with her second child; the late Lelah Amore Harris her doctors warned her of a probable complicated pregnancy. Her amniotic sac was torn into two and this would have caused complications during her pregnancy period. Both Tiny, T.I and the doctors hoped that the sac would heal so as to ensure perfect health for the baby. The situation didn’t get better despite the intensive care that she had received from her doctors.

She was strangled by the Umbilical cord.

The doctors really tried to protect Tiny’s pregnancy through numerous check-ups and ensuring that she has maximum care. Weeks later during one of the check-ups Tiny received the news that her child was not breathing. The doctors speculated that the umbilical cord could have chocked the fetus thus leading to her death.

Her Mother Kept Her in Her Home Even After Being Born Dead

Even after being born lifeless, Tiny had a really hard time letting her daughter go, she even fell into depression. She took her home with her. Lelah was dressed up and wrapped like she was alive and taken home to her mother’s bedroom where she laid in her would have been basket crib.

Lelahs’s death strengthen the bond between Tiny and T.I.

T.I was set to start his jail term in the same year he lost her daughter. Clifford aka T.I made the necessary arrangements to have her daughter buried. After the burial, Tameka would often visit the graveyard but stopped after a period when she realized visiting her daughter’s graveyard didn’t make the pain go away but rather kept the memories coming back. Despite going through the tough time, Tameka choose to stay by Clifford even when he was in jail.

When T.I was released, the couple held their wedding on 31st July 2010. The love grew stronger each day until the sixth year when they fell apart and Tameka filled for a divorce. Clifford tried his level best to save their marriage but there was nothing he could do to prevent his wife from walking out of a 6 years’ marriage.

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