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Ladd Drummond Net Worth 2021, Biography, Parents, Education, Married, Career

Ladd Drummond is a famous rancher who owns a wide area of 433 thousand square miles. He is also the fourth generation of his family to be doing the business in the Osage Country cattle ranching family. Ladd belongs to the 17th largest landowning family of the US called Drummond family. The property is being passed down to a staggering fourth-generation to date.

Ladd Drummond Married Life With Kids

Ladd is married to Ree and the couple is blessed with four children. Bryce (17) and Todd (15) are the boys while Alex(22) and Paige(20) are the two girls of the family

Even though Ree shares his passion for Ranching, her interest in lifestyle blogging is unmatched. She is also an avid social media person. She achieved popularity with an appearance on the Food Network. she is also known to be someone who posts a lot of details on the day to day family events ranging from wedding anniversaries to the unfortunate deaths.

The couple had their fair share of struggle as well. They didn’t even show any interest in going on vacation till the issue related to finance are sorted out. Ree also had to struggle a bit personally for six years before garnering popularity with the blog in 2006. Luck had finally turned around when Ladd had finally secured a net worth of $200 million.

The rich family is known to be very down to earth. Ladd never forgets his times of struggle and is always seen teaching his children the same values that he has learned from hard times.

Ladd Drummond Career, Ranch, Businesses

Ladd found interest in animal husbandry and farming from a very young age which led to his family believing that they had found the perfect heir. He started the business by running the Drummond Land and Cattle Company that raises the livestock in the ranch. He has always been down to earth in taking the advice of his father and brother.

Apart from ranching, he has also interest in the restaurant business which is why he built a restaurant in one of the oldest Pawhuska buildings in 2010.

Ladd Drummond Bio: Age, Birthdate, Parents, Immigration, Siblings

Ladd was born into a family of three other siblings on 21 September 1969 in Nebraska. Ladd is nothing but proud of the family he is destined to be part of. Ronald Thacker Drummond is his grandfather who migrated from Scotland in search of better opportunities to trade in the diamond.

Ladd’s brother Todd was killed in a car accident. This changed the complete dynamics and Ladd, along with his other brother Tim found the responsibility of handling the family business on his head. Even though he found it hard, the Oklahoma based businessman found his groove in the business.

Ladd never underestimated the power of education. After finishing the schooling from Pawhuska High School and became a college graduate from Arizona State University.

Quick Facts About Ladd Drummond

Full Name Ladd Drummond
Net Worth $200 Million
Date of Birth 1969 /01 /22
Nickname Ladd
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Nebraska, a midwestern state in the United States of America.
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Spouse Anne Marie Smith
Online Presence Instagram
Children 4
Horoscope Aquarius