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Kwame Alexander Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

An excellent writer Kwame Alexander was born on August 21, 1968. He was born in Mharattan USA. He is a peculiar and forceful award-winning American writer and poet.

Kwame Alexander Education Details

He is undoubtedly a poignant and fantastic writer for children’s literature. Kwame is amongst the pioneers who introduced children to writing and publishing. Kwame is the founder of the Bookinady program.

Kwame attende his Verginia college of Tech. His name is of Ghana origin. So, sometimes people get confused about his nationality. He is a true American national. It’s true that his name is Ghanian that means a person who is born on Wednesday.


Kwame Alexander Career Details

Kwame Alexander is famous for his children’s literature. He is the best-selling author for his outstanding 21 books for New York Times. This unsung hero got fame from his remarkable book ‘Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band’.

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This thematic and forceful writer and poet won many awards for his writings. The Crossover, an award-winning novel by Kwame. He received his Newberry Madel in 2015 for this rhythmic and emotional book. Besides this, he also won Coretta Scott King Award Honor for this family and sports-oriented novel.

There are many other masterpieces from Kwame Alexander for which he won various awards. He has won ‘The Lee Bennett Hopkins poetry Prize’, and the 2017 Inaugural Pat Conroy Legacy Award.

Kwame Alexander Books

As he is in supreme advocacy of kids’ reading and writing. He wants to realize the kids the importance of family bonding. Most of the novels and poetry revolve around family, love, sports, and a big goal in life.

His award-winning book ‘ The crossover’ was one of the best verse novels. In the novel, he captivated his reader and makes you emotional and attached to the character. The development and a special bonding between the brothers and their father are magnificent.

Another powerful piece of writing by Kwame is ‘ Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band’. This shows the perfection, idealism, and fascinating character-building skills of Kwam.

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Kwame Alexander Net Worth

This popular dramatic author and poet owe $1million to $5millions as his net worth for the year 2021.

He is the best-selling author in New York Times, he earns much better than his competitors.

Kwame Alexander Dating History And Marriage Details

Although Kwame is a very emotional, epic, and imaginative poet, yet he is not in any dating relationship.

Since this super amazing author was in relation with Stephanie, he dated her.

Kwame Alexander Wife

This Nobel writer, epic poet, and educator have married a charming and inspirational lady Staphnie Stanely. This amazing lady inspired Kwame. He has disclosed in one of his interviews that he wrote many poems for her dream girl.

Kwame cherished the moments with his fans. He said that he wrote 365 poems for Stephanie. The love and emotions were so true in the poetry that hit her heart. They got married.

He was raised by artists. His father was a writer.

Kwame Alexander Siblings

He has three siblings. One of his sisters is a model and writer.

Kwame Alexander Kids

Kwame is blessed with two daughters. He is always very proud and joyful while talking about his daughters.

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One of his daughters is a dynamic and versatile actress. The other one obsessed with her profession of Law, and education.

Kwame Alexander Body Measurements

As he is an athlete and educator too. His fans are curious to know about his height and weight. Although he is an extravaganza, handsome middle-aged guy.

This superb and dramatically forceful writer is 5’.6” tall. With this height, his owing a weight of 62 kg.

Kwame Alexander Cars And House

He does not own any specific cars and houses. Kwame is never a limelight figure. He keeps his family life secret.


Hence, a writer, a poet, or an educator plays a vital role in the uplift of society. A writer is a very special figure. As he is very sensitive and keen observant of the facts around. Kwame is a verse writer and composer of poems of all ages of children. He wants to involve his teenage group kids in the healthy habits of reading good stuff.

Moreover, this feeling of doing something positive by using his power of words, he is doing wonders.