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Kim Ynfante Street Outlaws’ Birdman’s Wife or Girlfriend? Net Worth, Age

If you are familiar with ‘Street Outlaws’, Discovery Channel’s famous reality show, you must also know the Birdman, James Finney. He is one of the topmost racers in the show. Finney has more than 25 years of experience in the field of racing. You may have also heard about his girlfriend Kim Ynfante. It is believed that they will be getting married soon. Here, in this article, we will cover everything you want to know about Kim Ynfante like her relationship with Finney and their kids. We will also cover her wiki-bio and many other unrevealed facts about her.

James “Birdman” Finney’s Girlfriend Is the Wind Beneath the Champion Racer’s Wings!

Since the beginning of the show, two things about Finney remained constant. If one was his consistent wins, other was his girlfriend Kim. You can often see her cheering for her boyfriend. On the very rare occasions, when Finny loses, you can see her giving him all the support. They have been maintaining their relationship for quite a long time and speculations are rife that they are already married and just keeping the relationship secret. However, there are others who say she’s just his girlfriend.

Kim is very active on social media and she regularly updates everything about her life on Facebook. If there’s an upcoming marriage, we would have definitely known it from Kim’s Facebook Profile. It is worth mentioning here that, there was an update from her about getting married five years ago!

They were supposed to officiate the marriage by that end of that year or in early 2014. But there was no such news. Earlier this year she updated another milestone on Facebook, which says she is in a relationship. She may be conveying about her marriage with James Finney indirectly. However, even her recent photo uploads don’t display any wedding ring on her.

Quick Facts About Kim Ynfante

Full Name: Kim YnFante
Age: Undisclosed
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of residence: Baytown, Texas
Raised in: Crosby, Texas
Net worth: Unknown
Relationship status: In a relationship with James Finney aka Birdman
Kids: 5
Height: Unknown.
Ethnicity: White
Zodiac sign: Unknown

Kim Ynfante became famous by her association with her boyfriend James Finney, the Street Outlaws’ Birdman. Even if we neglect that fact, we still have much to talk about this very lively woman. Kim is from Texas, where she was raised.

Kim Ynfante grew up in a place named Crosby in Texas. She did her schooling in Crosby High School. Whether Kim is having a college education or not is not known to the public. Similarly, we don’t have any information on her parents. However, there is a good amount of information available on her family.

Her Facebook Profile reveals much about her family. She has two sisters. They are Kelli Eilers-Massey and Kasey Eilers. She has an uncle named James Seay. James Seay is also a very active user of Facebook. Ynfante is also a mother of five children!

Kim currently lives with her children in Baytown, Texas. The children seem to be as enthusiastic about racing as their father James ‘Birdman’ Finney is. They often travel with him to his races and you can see them cheering for him. James Finney has revealed this is the source of his motivation for winning the No-prep events. You already know that Finney never disappoints his fans.

We don’t know about her Date of Birth. But we know that Kim is a very social person. It is known that Kim Ynfante is very much interested in sports. It is also known that she likes footballers David Beckham and professional wrestlers like John Cena and Rey Mysterio. But the best thing about her is that she is a responsible citizen and wants to give something back to society. Kim is a certified organ donor. It means that after her death her organs can be used to save people’s lives.