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Kevin Sumlin Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Children, Wiki-Bio

Kevin Warren Sumlin as he is originally known was born to Marion Sumlin and Bill Sumlin on 3rd August 1964. His hard worth and determination have earned him a huge amount of millions as his net worth. Another source of his net worth growth is his salary which he pockets every year. He has since worked as the head coach of Texas A&M, the role he had before landing into his coaching career. His legacy in the American Football cannot be forgotten as he is well recognized for his contribution to the game.

He is happily married to his wife to whom they are blessed with three children; two sons and a daughter. He was born in Brewton Alabama. More details regarding his professional and personal life will help us get to know more about the veteran star.

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Kevin Sumlin married life; Sumlin’s wife Charlene Sumlin.

Charlene Sumlin is Kevin’s wife. She is originally known as Charlene Marie Sirois. The duo is blessed with four children. Courtney Sumlin and Shelby Sumlin are the daughters while Jackson Sumlin and Joey Sumlin are their sons’ names.

While working as a coach at Minnesota in Minneapolis region, Kevin met her current wife Charlene. He said this in an interview. It was through a friend to a friend way that the duo did meet; even though it was over a short period of time- later they began dating each other. Her date of birth is 14th June 1973 and obtained his degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Kevin Sumlin Net worth and Salary.

In this section, we will investigate the information about his total net worth estimated at $13 million, his sources of income, salary, the cars he owns and his house, all of which constitutes his net value.

The value of his house is approximated to be between $1.5 million and $2 million and it is located at the College Station in Texas (TX), United States.

Every year, Kevin earns a total of $5 million as salary. Upon signing a contract with Arizona, he did receive $14.5 million. Texas A&M contract which he had before had him receive a total of $30 million. Moreover, Kevin Sumlin is recognized for his flourishing lifestyle behind flashy cars.

Kevin Sumlin Wiki-bio, Age

By the year 2018, Kevin’s age was 45. He is American by Nationality; born on 3rd August 1964 having black ethnicity since he originates from Alabama. He doesn’t have any sibling. He was, however, raised in Brewton. Marion Sumlin and Bill Sumlin are his parents. He is currently a professional head coach at the University of Arizona. This was after he worked as a head coach for his former school, Texas A&M football team as well as a University of Houston.

He gets an annual salary of $5 million equivalent to $416,000 monthly, and his net worth is quoted at $13 million. He has for children in total; two sons (Joey and Jackson) and two daughters (Shelby and Courtney).

Kevin Sumlin Coaching Career and Records

His love for the Football game started with inclusion into the Purdue University Boilermakers team in Indiana. From the year 1983 to 1986, he played as a linebacker for the school. This was before he was appointed as a coach in 1988 when he got appointed by Washington State as a Graduate Assistant.

In Wyoming, he was privileged to be appointed as wide receivers coach. His role as a wide receivers coach was also received by the Minnesota who appointed him later on.
His career didn’t stop at that point. Golden Gophers later contracted him and got his duty as a quarterback coach. It didn’t take long before the celebrated coach was appointed by his former school in 1988 till 2000, where he got his role as a wide receiver coach.

He got into a higher ladder in his bid to lead top-flight teams in 2003 when he left Texas A&M to Oklahoma. In the year 2008, he was successfully appointed as the head coach in Houston. He did work as a head coach at the Houston for a period of three years, till 2011. His former school then retrieved him back to lead the Football team as the head coach.

He has since achieved a lot of milestones during his role as s head coach. He is recognized for having lead to victory 62 times and just loosing 22 times in his coaching career. Among the awards he has been awarded include 2012 SEC Coach of the Year, USA Coach of the year 2011. In addition, he became a 3 against 1 bowl gaming champion in the year 2009.

During his role in the coaching scene, he has worked as an assistant coach in the following institutions; in Minnesota, Washington State, Purdue, and Wyoming. While at Texas A&M, he did as well worked as an assistant head coach for a period of two years and 5 years while at Oklahoma. Among the individuals who are known he has worked as their assistant are Mike Price of the Washington State and Joe Tiller at Purdue.

While studying at the Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School located in Indianapolis- Indiana, he did play not only football but also hockey and basketball. This was the period before he became a prone figure. Rob Woodson is among the greatest NFL players he has since played alongside, while at Purdue University.

In a single series, it was Aggies who were the first team in the SEC to garner a total of over 7,000 yards in the offensive. This was during Kevin’s time with Kevin.

Quick Facts About Kevin Sumlin

Born Name Kevin Warren Sumlin
Birth Place Brewton, Alabama, United States
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Football Coach
Wife Charlene Sumlin
Net Worth $13 million
Age 54 years