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Kelly Holmes Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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Kelly Holmes is an American sprinter holding the records for the 100meters and 800meters races. Kelly was born in Pembury the year 1970. By the time she was born, the world was experiencing fundamental changes, including technological and cultural change.

The changes came with many movements fighting for gay rights, the environment, and women’s rights. Kelly was part of the baby boomers generation, where the world population spiked after World War II. Her mum raised Kelly in a small village in Kent, where she attended the local primary and secondary school.

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Kelly Holmes Career Details

While still schooling in the local secondary school, she pursued running with the help of her physical education teacher. She became a professional athlete racing up down the country in various competitions. When she was 18 years old, she quit professional athletics to focus more on her dream of becoming a British soldier. She started as an HGV driver and later becoming a PE trainer in the British Army.

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In 1998, Kelly was awarded an MBE for the service she was giving to the British Army. Twenty years later, she was also awarded an Honorary Colonel of the Royal Armored Corp by her majesty Queen. Kelly’s dream of winning the Olympic medal did not fade away since she won the double Olympics. Holmes was an excellent runner in the 1500 meters and 800metre races. Although she joined the British army, she continued with her running career in athletics events.

Her running career was overshadowed by the recurring injuries which led to clinical depression. She retired from athletics in 2005. Since then, she has become a world-renowned motivational speaker and author of many books, including her latest book, “Running life.” She has also made many television appearances.

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

In early 2008, Kelly founded the Dame Kelly Charity trust that supports young athletes and disadvantaged youth around the United Kingdom to pursue their careers.

Kelly Holmes Net Worth

Kelly Holmes has acquired her wealth through professional running and her job in the British army. Even after retiring, she also gets her money from sponsors and the public communication events she attends. She is estimated to be worth $ 1 million as of 2021.

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Kelly Holmes Dating History And Marriage Details

Kelly surprised many people when she won the 2004 Olympic medal in Istanbul, Greece, and it is regarded as one of the best moments of her running career. She was recognized as the hero of the country and also known all over the world. While she was busy celebrating, Maria, her long-time training buddy, was not in the same mood as her. She criticized Kelly for utilizing her infirmity to become the champion of the world. After the tournament ended, the couple did not train together, and their relationship ended that way.

Kelly’s marriage life question has circulated in the general public for some time, but she has been silent on the matter. At one time, she tweeted that she is happily married. This news shocked everyone, and people started having mixed feelings about the issue.

Later it appeared to be a random tweet because no man tagged himself with Kelly Holmes. It seems less severe, and no one focuses on it. In another tweet recently, she says that at the age of 51, she is too old to have children and take care of them. It is a clear indication that she is not even ready to get into a relationship with a man.

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Is Kelly Holmes A Lesbian?

The general public assumes that Kelly Holmes is a lesbian. People usually try to know the personal life of celebrities. When they cannot find it, they typically provide the wildest guess from very little information. Kelly’s lack of marriage life and love life may be the main reason why most people consider her a lesbian.

Another reason why people believe her lesbian is because she has also been involved in the lesbianism and gay’s discussion on Twitter on various occasions. Transgender activists were contrary to her on the issue that the guys with the gender advantage should not compete in women’s sports. To break the news of Kelly Holmes’s sexuality, she is straight.