Kathrine Narducci Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Catherine Narducci is an American actress and a producer of Italian origin. She is known for the Irishman (2019), Godfather of Harlen (1919), Capone (2020), an American crime drama TV series The Soprano where she played the role of Charmaine Bucco’, the wife of Artie Bucco.

If you have watched the above-mentioned movies you must have seen her face. However, there are a lot of things that many people never knew about her. We have revealed some of the hidden information about Catherine’s family, marital status, and Net Worth, among other personal information that are hard to get elsewhere online. Read on to find out.

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Katherine Narducci Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, Parents

Katherine Narducci was born on November 11 1965 in Newyork City. She was born to father Nicky Narducci who was just a bar owner and a well-known local mafia. It is revealed that her father had a lot of connections with the local police and wouldn’t easily go to jail. The father is rumored to have been attacked by a mob and killed in front of his bar when Katherine was just 10.

She rarely talks about his father, maybe because she never had enough time with him. Katherine was therefore raised by a single parent. Her mother, whose name she hasn’t mentioned, also passed before she could start her career.

The Miracle on 34th street actress usually mentions her late mother as the primary reason behind her career. She would watch movies with her mum till late and the following day, her mum would dress her like the characters in the movies they watched and tell her to act like them.

Unfortunately, by the time Katherine’s first hit Bronx Tale was released, the mother was already gone. With that said, the mother never lived to see her daughter pursuing what she dreamt for.

The Chicago overcoat actress is not the only child of her parents. She has two sisters Carol Narducci and Rhoda Narducci. Most of her early childhood information is not yet revealed. We will update every new information that we come across.

Kathrine Narducci Dating History And Marriage Details

Little is known about Katherine’s romantic relationship because she is good at keeping secrets. Previously she was married to Richard Arthur Lingotino. They were blessed with two kids before the husband passed away in 2002. Her children with Richard are Nicholas Lingotino and daughter Prisco.

After the departure of her beloved husband, she never showed any interest in a relationship. As of now, we can only assume a secret romance, or maybe she is just done with relationships given her age.

Kathrine Narducci Career Details

Narducci’s acting role began in 1993 when she coincidentally landed an opportunity to bring her 9 years old son to A Bronx Tale. In the event, she successfully auditioned the role of Rosina Anello, the onscreen wife to Robert De Niro in the film, protagonist’s mother. Her life before this has not yet been revealed and as a result, many believe that she had been discovered by actor Robert De Niro.

After she was successful at the A Bronx Tale, Katherine was exposed and she started landing roles in film and TV shows. She has appeared in quite a number of films including, Miracle on 34th street, Two Family Houses, Chicago overcoat, Group Sex, and Lost Cat Corona. However, she is most known for Martin Scorsese’s 2019 Irishman movie.

She has also appeared in a couple of TV series among them, Law and Order, Cold Case, Grandfather of Harlem as well as significant roles in NYPD Blue, Third Watch, and the Power.

Her biggest TV series success came from the set of HBO’s The Sopranos where she was tasked with the role of Charmaine Bucco, the wife of beleaguered restaurateur Artie Bucco.

Kathrine Narducci Net Worth

The Grandfather of Harlen actress boasts a great career CV. Her filmography and TV series appearances run from 1993 to date. For that reason, the Irishman screen queen must be swimming in cash.

However, she has been very successful in keeping most of her personal life secret. For all this long, she hasn’t revealed information such as her net worth, mother’s name, and the romantic relationship hasn’t been revealed yet. By any chance that she talks about them, we will let you know.

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